Today in this modern era, we live in an age where people start to care for their body as soon as they have an understanding of the world. And as time goes this care nature towards our body keeps on increasing. Our hands are that part of the body which is used the most for doing our day to day work, and as we grow old we lose the texture and softness of them. Also if we don’t take care of them, they eventually start looking ugly making our impression in the society a bit more ugly. So here are some tips of how to make your hands beautiful as we grow old.

  1. You should always try to wear some sunscreen or some sun block of high SPF levels on your hands in order to prevent them from aging. The reason is because the sun causes 90% to 95% of wrinkles, discolorations and lines on your hand. So, always keep a sunscreen in your pocket when you go out.


  1. Try to wear rubber gloves made of cotton while you are working with harsh soaps and detergents or with water for a long time. Try to wear them every time when you wash clothes or dishes. The detergents and dish washing liquids contains chemicals that are alkali leading to brittle hands and nails.


  1. One should always try to use a soap of very light pH; one of the best examples of it is the “Dove” soap, while you are washing hands. Light pH contributes in making your hand less alkali preventing wrinkles and lines on them.


  1. EXFOLIATE: Make use of a scrub which is grainy, and scrub your hands at least twice in a week. This helps in revealing the glowing skin and shedding of the dead cells from your hands.


  1. After you wash your hands, first pat dry them and then moist them by means of a good moisturizer, and apply it on your hands and nails carefully. Try to keep your hands moist; it ensures that your skin cells are always fresh.


  1. Try to always keep the cuticles always neat and clean. This is due to the fact that cuticles can be called as the barriers to germs, but they often overgrow. Make use of a wooden cuticle pusher to keep them in line and always try that you never CUT them.


  1. Do not always keep a nail polish on your nails; sometimes they can be really hard on your nails if they are regularly in contact of the chemicals of the polish. So, taking a few days break helps your nails recover back from their effects.


  1. Use some low cost hand care products to make your hand skin healthy. Any men/women can have healthy hands with some diligent maintenance. Products like “Vaseline”, etc, prevents your skin cells being dead often and keeps them healthy and pleasant.


  1. Always massage your hands. Use some olive oil or coconut oil and massage your hands before you go to bed. This ensures that your hands are moisturized and also helps in improving the circulation of blood through your hands.


  1. Lastly, try to give yourself a manicure every few days when you feel like. Since, professional manicures can be too expensive for your pocket, plus they also have a risk of getting your hands infected if not done properly; try to manicure your hands at home using some homemade techniques.

We are sure that the tips that we gave you today must help you to keep your hands look young as you grow old.

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