Winter Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

Winter Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

Are you going to be getting married in this winter season? Then you have to give a special makeup treatment to your skin so that this harsh cold cannot affect your appearance. As you know in winters our skin gets dry, creasy and damaged that reduces skin glow and radiance. To eliminate all such winter symptoms you have to take care of your bridal makeup attentively. It is not as difficult as to worry as we are here to help you sustain your wonderful bridal looks by offering extremely useful tips for winter bridal makeup.


Tips For Winter Bridal Makeup

Although healthy makeup can deliver you best looks in your wedding, but it will be good to start caring your skin, lips, eyes, hands etc. before several days of your wedding ceremony. Keep your skin moisturized properly. You can use coconut oil massage, olive oil massage, avocado oil massage and various other home remedies to give proper hydration and moisture to your skin. And for the wedding day you will have your make kit ready. So here are a few points that you should keep in mind.


Healthy Foundation

In winters our skin gets dry, dull and rough as well. So cover all these winter negativities on your skin you need to choose best quality foundation that will help your skin look flawless, glowing and smooth. Use appropriate powder over foundation to set it well at place. Don’t ever forget to moisturize your face with suitable moisturizer before you apply foundation.


Hydrating Primer

The primer you will use should be enriched with hydrating properties. This type of primer will help to reduce dullness and dryness of your skin thus maintaining its radiance and original glow.


Choose Healthy Blush

In winter season it is recommended to avoid shades like pink or red instead you can opt a rosy hue of blush. It will work perfectly to cover the dryness signs giving a fresh and natural looking appearance.


Tips For Winter Bridal Eye Makeup


  • In this cold season the area surrounding your eyes may be dry and rough, so after moisturizing your upper eyes and under eyes area you need to apply a good type of foundation. Also use concealer after foundation. In this season you need to use liquid eyeliner but before using remember to ensure that it is waterproof as when you will be in tears all your makeup will get ruined. For eyes you can use fake eyelashes as it will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Use the curler to curl your eyelashes to look more beautiful.


  • When it comes to eyeshadow then we will advise you to use light hues of it like peach or light pink. If you will opt darker shades then that can highlight creases.


Tips For Winter Bridal Lips Makeup

In winters your lips may get dry and chapped. So in order to have chap-free lips throughout your wedding, you need to choose a lipstick based on beeswax. This will help to deliver required moisture to your lips keeping those smooth and attractive. You can apply a thin layer of good quality lip balm before you apply lipstick so that your lips may get moisturized appropriately. Applying clear lip gloss over lipstick coats is also a good idea to make lips glowing.


Along with following all these tips we will advise you to keep hydrated and moisturized many days before your wedding day so that you can reduce roughness, dryness and other signs of winters. Don’t leave your skin without moisturizing, keep your lips covered with a branded lip balm. If you will take serious winter care, then not even any season can stop you from your extremely wonderful bridal look.

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