Will You Look Better After Plastic Surgery

Will You Look Better After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is considered one of the most effective and long lasting cosmetic procedure to eliminate those signs of experience, maturity and age. As nobody ever want to face society with a wrinkled face consisting of fine lines and more. The various cosmetic surgeon prescribe this cosmetic procedure to regain the youthful looks. But I am sure this question would be arising in everyone’s mind that how much effective a plastic surgery could be. To help you with this question we are sharing information about study carried on plastic surgery patients to understand that how much effective it could be.


Facial plastic surgery may be effective in turning back the old time for you. But as per the latest research, you may find plastic surgery effective in making you look younger or fresher rather than more attractive.


In this study 50 strange people were asked to rate the attractiveness of forty nine patients and guess their age on the basis of before and after plastic surgery photographs. After all this procedure the revelations made by the study was that the facial plastic surgery has successfully overcome a few years of the actual age of the patient but it has almost done nothing when talking about increasing attractiveness.


According to the study leader Dr. Joshua Zimm the issue is with the patient’s expectations. The patients themselves come with a mindset that they will look much more attractive that they were used to even in their young ages. They set their own imaginary vision consisting of their after surgery image in their mind.


Dr. Joshua Zimm says that whenever a patient comes to him, he tells his patients that they will look more energetic, fresher, less tired or even may look younger after plastic surgery, but he clearly cannot promise his patients that they will look more attractive.


He shared an experience of a Toronto based client who had face lift, upper or lower eyelid lift, neck lift and brow lift treatments between 2006 to 2010. Before and after photographs of the patients were taken and jewelry and makeup were not allowed to put during both the photo sessions. The raters were asked to tell the patients age by seeing either post-surgery or pre surgery photographs, not both. They were not aware of the purpose of the study. They were asked to rate their attractiveness on a 1-10 scale.


On an average the patient’s age was considered 3-4 years younger by the raters but the result for their attractiveness was not that much significant. However a real world context is not reflected by the study as there were not any relatives or knowns of the patient who had clear idea of the assessment of beauty and age. So according to the doctor a much larger study is need to come out with actual improvements resulted by facial plastic surgery.


It might be possible that asking to rate both age and attractiveness from the raters would have created a biasness for attractiveness.


As the results of facial plastic surgery cannot stick to this study as it cannot be considered as reliable. Because we even don’t know what a scale of 1-10 attractiveness actually means. The results of facial plastic surgery varies from patient to patient and thus it would be wrong to conclude anything about post-surgery attractiveness. But yes, plastic surgery can make you look better if we talk about hiding those aging signs and all. You may feel refreshing and energetic with a few years added to your looks.


It would not be wrong to conclude that you would definitely look better after a plastic surgery.



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