Obesity is one matter that literally is a question of matter. The fat on your body is all matter, and so if this is not reduced then complications in the function of our body start multiplying, with bad results. Let’s see how our health is affected due to obesity.


Coronary Heart Disease:

This is the term which means that the supply of blood to the heart decreases due to deposits in the walls of the arteries, which in technical terms means atherosclerosis. Causes are fatty food, smoking, alcohol


Type 2 Diabetes:

This is a milder form of diabetes and can affect the eyes, nervous system and the kidneys. The risk of heart disease is doubled in this type of diabetes.



A stroke is a medical emergency and the patient should be hospitalized immediately. Due to obesity, normally, people tend to have high blood pressure and this may lead to a stroke. the main symptoms of stroke can be remembered by the term FAST, an acronym which means  Face, arm, speech time.


Fertility problems:

Women who are overweight ovulate less regularly, or not at all compared to a healthy and normal woman. A woman with body mass index above 30 is likely to take longer to conceive.



These are a common joint problem of the knees, hips and lower back. This happens when the tissue covering the joints wears away. Extra weight can put pressure and there is wear and tear in the joints, causing pain.


Sleep Apnea:

 This is a recent phenomenon which has come to be noticed by doctors, and which, in certain conditions can lead to a cardiac arrest. In this one can have one or two pauses in breathing and can affect the heart. Comparatively, it is   a new disease which has become very common and should be treated immediately. Obese people have been seen to have more chances of having this problem.



They are hard stone like pieces, which form in the gallbladder and are due to deposit of high cholesterol level in fat people. This can lead to obstructive jaundice and even death if not treated on time.

Obesity causes fat cells to secrete hormones and other substances that fire inflammation. Though this is an important part of the immune system and the healing process, inappropriate inflammation will hamper the body’s response  to insulin and change the way the body metabolizes the fat and the carbohydrates ,leading to high levels of blood sugar levels in our body and finally to diabetes and related health problems.



Obesity and cancer of the esophagus,rectum,pancreas are well known .A high level of obesity has also been linked to mood swings .So whether weight is linked to depression or the other way round has not yet been  ascertained ,yet.



Obesity leads to respiratory problems, also. The fat on the abdomen limits the descent of the diaphragm and expansion of the lungs, while the accumulation of fat can hinder the working and narrow the lungs leading to breathing problems. Asthma and sleep apnea, as discussed above are the other diseases linked to excessive fat around the abdomen.

People with excess weight also get the Alzheimer’s disease compared to people who are normal in weight.



Covering of a layer of fat on the lever called NAFL or  non-alcoholic fatty lever,. Fatty lever, if not treated on time can become lever cancer so one should avoid fatty food,

Rounding off, the end scenario is that excess fat is harmful for all organs of the body. So eat healthy and wisely.

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