Why Iron And Folic Acid Essential For Human Body

Why Iron And Folic Acid Essential For Human Body

Introduction :

Think what will happen if our body do not get right amount for daily requirement of nutrients. There are many reasons for why nutrients are essential for our body, some of them are here:

  • Our body would not work properly.
  • We are suffered from many diseases.
  • We also feel weakness and depression.
  • Our body would not be able to make itself strong and keep it healthy.

All nutrients are important for us but we must not ignore Iron and Folic acid too.


How iron works for our body :

Iron is good nutrient for our body. It helps to grow our body in a healthy way. It’s main work is to make hemoglobin. Red blood cells oxidize our body by the help of hemoglobin produced. It helps to carry oxygen from one cell to another. Red blood cells fight from various types of diseases if present inside the body. If we are suffering from iron deficiency and suffering from anemia then it is critical problem for us. So we need iron for our body.


Benefits of iron:

Iron generates hemoglobin in red blood cells which boosts the recovery of iron deficiency. It is also able to fight against anemia.

  1. Iron help to fight against heart disease.
  2. Iron help to grow muscles in this way we can work easily.
  3. Iron is good carrier of oxygen in blood and in this way it helps to keep our brain healthy and active. Our brain use more oxygen to keep itself active and more powerful.
  4. It is good for pregnant women. Because in pregnancy the body women needs a good amount of iron for the growth and development of fetus.

There are also many benefits of iron for our body to keep us healthy and active. We can get iron from many source.


Source of iron :

We can get iron in many things of eating. Vegetarian can get iron by green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, pulses, beans peas, milk and dairy products and fruits and those who loves non-veg can go for red meat.

Iron is important for us but Folic acid is also compulsory for our body.

Folic acid is a source of vitamin B. It help to grow our body very much. Vitamin B is very useful for our body.


How folic acid work for our body :

Folic acid help to develop and maintain cells. It make new cells that help our body to be be active and healthy. Deficiency of folic acid can also be cured by it. It is good in pregnancy.


Benefits of folic acid for our body :

Folic acid have vitamin B12 that help to protect from heart diseases and keep heart healthy.

  • Folic acid have many supplements that help to recover from depression.
  • Folic acid is also good for diabetes.


Many research say that folic acid help in cancer.

It is good for pregnant women.

There are many another benefits of folic acid that help our body by many ways.


Source of folic acid:

We get folic acid by food, leafy vegetables, beans, and more things. If we eat good and healthy food, we can get our daily requirement of vitamins, proteins and minerals to keep us healthy.



One thing we always remember that iron and folic acid are very important for our body but overdose of both are harmful for us. So we need correct amount of these. Before take a dose of folic acid and iron we must consult to doctor and get examined our body for right amount of these.

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