Why Include More Herbs Over Chemicals In Your Beauty Regime?

Why Include More Herbs Over Chemicals In Your Beauty Regime?

We all know that herbal products and chemical products both are always use as top priority to make skin glowing and beautiful. People use both type of products and the have over on opinion about this some people think that herbal products are best but some people think chemical products. Different people have different opinion about this products and quality. So today we going to find which products are best for skin and which is not.


Chemicals vs. Herbs:

We all know that these products are so different from each but the debates is always on top that which is best so today we are going to know that which one is best.


  • Herbal Essential oils vs. Artificial Fragrances: we all love to apply perfume and usually the young generation uses this to small good and it’s also best to show your cool attitude but it’s true that these Fragrances contents high amount of chemical. Company’s add so many chemical like VOC’s in these products and when we small it this chemical entered in over body with breathing and produce so many health problem and harm us and rather then this there is a best option available its natural herb which give you natural small and cant harm you. There are so many options available in this like rose water, jojoba, lavender, lemon and lemon grass.


  • chemical facials vs. herbal facial: to make over skin glowing and beautiful we use so many chemical products and love to apply this on over skin and we think that these chemical make over skin glowing and shine but its not true these chemical products give shine and glow to your skin for some time and after some time chemical start working and start harming over skin and the result is dark circle, patches, aging sine and pimples. To avoid this problem there is so many herbal products and peel, face mask are available at market which give natural shine and smoothness to your skin and make your skin shine and glowing. It will also slow the process of aging and make skin natural glowing and problem free and the effect of this products is also last longer and so effective.


  • Home remedies and chemical compound products: we buy so many medicines and some other use full products from market with this hope that the give good result to you but the whole money and time goes waist when you see that there is no result found with this chemical products. Rather than this today so many herbal medicine are also available at market which give you so effective result and make you fit and the also perform best on all type of problem. We can also use any type of home remedies to avoid such type of problem and the will give you best result rather than any type of chemical products which are available in market.


So chemical vs. herb is always a question for all but its 100% true that herbal products are always better then chemical products and it will always give you best result and avoid all types of problem. It’s a fact that herbal products work slowly but it’s also true that they give you best result and complete result rater then other chemical compounds products. It’s true that chemical products also give good result on many types of problem but it’s also true that after avoiding this chemical products we face so many other problem also which harm us more effectively and internally and we start facing problem like asthma, slow breathing and so many skin problems also.

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