Which Eyebrow Shapes Suit Your Face Shape?

Which Eyebrow Shapes Suit Your Face Shape?

Eyebrows are most important parts of our facial looks. We can’t imagine our personality without eyebrows. So it is important to groom them properly to intensify our beauty. Perfectly groomed eyebrows enhance our makeup and facial features. As different people have different face shapes, so a single eyebrow pattern cannot work on everybody. Every face shape needs a unique and suitable eyebrow shape. Therefore while grooming your brows you must ensure that a particular eyebrow shape is going to suit your face. For this we are presenting a guide on which shape of eyebrow is going to work best as per your face shape.


Determining Your Face Shape

Before you decide on the shape of your brows, you need to first determine that what the shape of your face is. Once you have identified that it will be easier to your to choose your eyebrow pattern. Below is the guide to different face shapes after reading which you will be able to find out about your face shape.


Oval Face

People with oval face shape usually have wider forehead than their chin. A graceful narrow oval chin makes the width of the face smaller than length.


Round Face

People with round faces have almost same face length and width. They have fuller cheeks and such a face is widest at its cheeks.


Long Face

As the name suggest long faces have larger lengths as compared to width. Jawline, forehead and cheekbones are of almost same width.


Square Face

People with square face usually have almost equally wider forehead, jawline and cheekbone. The jawline of square faces is just angular and it can be recognized easily.


Diamond Face

A diamond shaped face is highly angular. People with diamond shaped face have shorter forehead and their faces are widest from temples.


Eyebrow Shape For Different Faces

Once you have recognized your face shape, then you need to know the suitable eyebrow shape for you. Here is the complete information about which eyebrow shape will suit which face best.


Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

A soft angled eyebrow shape perfectly suits oval shaped women. A soft angled eyebrow goes straight up and then curves down gently. So if you have oval shaped face go for this eyebrow shape and your face length will look balanced.


Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

The high arched eyebrow shape is best for round face shape. As shaping your brows in a high arched or angled shape will make your face look less round. In such eyebrow shape your brow will go straight up to the peak of brow and then down creating a more vertical shape.


Eyebrow Shape for Long Face

Since long faces have great lengths so in order to make face look less long, you need flat eyebrows. Or you can go for any eyebrow shape that is very less angular or round and is more flat.


Eyebrow Shape for Square Face

Square shaped face have comparatively more angular jawline. So to lessen the effect of jawline you need angular eyebrow shapes. Angles or curved brows will balance your angled features thus making you look beautiful.


Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face:

The aim of the people with diamond faces is to make widest portion that is temples look less wide. For this you need curved eyebrow shapes. You can also go for curved brow stencils to lessen the visibility of your widest facial portion.


Hope our complete guide will help you to achieve a perfect look by having a perfectly groomed eyebrows. Always consider your face shape before you groom your eyebrows. As this can enhance your overall facial features perfectly.


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