What is Weight Loss

What is Weight Loss

Weight loss

Extra Fat, Obesity, Overweight, its time to forget all these things. It sounds good to lose weight without feeling hungry and unsatisfied, isn’t it. Here are some useful tips which can help to loss  weight without performing any difficult tasks or being starving.


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Why We Gain Weight :

Before reducing the weight one should know how one gains weight so that one can avoid the things and make sure not to became overweight again and again.


  • The Calorie Calculation : Weight is directly proportional to the amount of calories consumption, storing and burning. The proper balance of calories consumed and burned will give you a perfact body weight. But If there is imbalance in these two parameters then ofcourse there will be obesity.


  • The Junk Food Trend : In this busy life people are very much dependent on junk food for satisfying their hunger. But as we all know there are many calories in these kind of meals. The basic harm of junk food is that it just not gives the calories it gives extra calories and extra calories means extra fat or obesity.


  • The Exercise Factor : These days there is no such time for doing the most important thing to burn calories or you can say burn fat called exercise. If there is no exercise in daliy routine then just forget to lose weight. Now days the inactive Lifestyle is so much easy going now there is no hardwork in any manner so exercise is must but how and when ?


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How To Lose Weight :

The basic factors of obesity are discused above and now its time to share how to lose weight easily.


  • The Calorie Calculation : Want to lose weight then the balance of consumption and burning the calories is to be perfact. There should be a diet chart to balance the consumption of calories. Sugar gives a lot of calories soft drinks, fruit juices and many more things which gives you a healthy amount of sugar as well as calories. The best way to avoid calories from sugar is to avoid sugar as much as one can. Processed vegitable oil is another high calorie food substance. Vegitable oils should be replaced with natural foods like butter, lards and other natural oils but ofcourse not processed. If Calories Consumed and Calories Burned are in equal amount then its the perfact balance. So want to have perfact weight while enjoying your meal then burn the calories by changing the inactive lifestyle. Low Calories food are the best option to satisfy your hunger. Now the question comes what is low calorie food ? You can add these to your daily meals for low calories Celery, Oranges, Cabbage, Asparagus, Beets, Cucumber, Lemons, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Watermelon, Zucchini, Grapes, Tomato, Brussels Sprouts, Kale, Turnips, Apples, Onions, Carrots, Broccoli, Papaya


  • The Junk Food Trend : With taking junk food no one can reduce weight. Not just forget the junk food but just try to avoid it as much as you can. Junk food gives us too much calories than actually our body needs. There is no way to burn this much calories what we gain from junk food. Only way to avoid morecalories is to avoid junk food. There are people who eat more junk food accordning to their emotional conditions. Whenever your emotions are high just dont break out on the food. It will cause a heavy weight gain till you control you emotions.


  • The Exercise Factor : If you are willing to lose weight then exercise can’t be avoided. There is just need of a long walk anywhere. Busy life go office/college/school onfoot, housewife walk to the neighbourhood. Walk is the basic need to lose weight. Regular easy exercise and yoga helps to reduce weight too.




Reduce Weight At Home By These Easy Steps :

  • Never go for calories, if some food have same amount of calories that doesn’t mean they will be equal healthy. Always go for low calorie food which is full of nutritions.


  • Replace tea, coffe and alcohol by black tea, black coffe and lime water and ofcourse all are without sugar.


  • Have a balanced diet plan and follow it regularly. Never take a large meal at a time insted of this preffer to eat low calorie food throughout the day.


  • Avoid Starch, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Salt, Rice, Soft Drinks, Saturated Fats, Junk Food, Fried Food.


  • Avoid snackes whenever you need it take sprouts or water instead of snacks.


  • Take fruits insted of refined fruit juices.


  • Increase amount of Fiber, Protein, Soy Protein, Sprouts, Salads, Low Calorie Food in your daily meal.


  • Do you know water is the best natural drink for loss weight. Drink water as much as you can it boosts the body metabolism and reduces weight.


  • Make easy goals, do exercise whichever you love to in daily routine. Walking burns about 250 calories per hour, Dancing is a good options too as it burns around 300-450 calories per hour.


  • Yoga and aerobics are the best calorie burner exercises.


  • Cycling, Gardening, Skipping the rope, Playing outdoor games are usefull activities to lose weight.


  • Lack of sleep is one of the big reason of obesity. An hour sleep burns approximately 50 calories so sleep well always.


Diet Plan :

  • Beverage : For beverage you can take black tea or cofee without sugar or lime water with honey.


  • Breakfast :  In Breakfast have grapefruit, one cup oatmeal or grapefruit with two toasts and peanut butter.


  • Snacks : You need protein so you can go with boiled egg or an apple.


  • Lunch : Large salad with full of healhty vegitables will be handy. Carrot, Watermelon, Apple, Grapes, beans, Papaya, Walnut or nay other healthy low calorie fruit/vegitable you want to eat. Or You can also take Small cup of rice and steamed vegetables but not potatoes.


  • Snacks : Heavy Protein food will be in this section of meal. Blueberries, beens, boiled egg or an apple.


  • Dinner : Not more than 3 chapaties with salad and healthy vegetables avoid potatoes.

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