What Is The Best Foundation For Asian Skin Tones

What Is The Best Foundation For Asian Skin Tones

Different people have different skin tones. However we people belonging to the particular geographic location have same skin properties than those of belonging to other. For example you can find various resemblance in Asian women. The skin tone of Asian women will resemble with each other to some extent. So today, we have devoted our article to the Asian beauties. As you all know foundation is the major part of your makeup. So it is recommended to choose your foundation in a way that it can enhance your beauty rather than hiding your original beauty. Wrong selection of foundation can make you look disastrous. So to help you enhance your looks by opting a perfect foundation, you must first have perfect knowledge of your Asian skin. Then you must know the foundation properties that will work best on the Asian skin features.


Tips for Choosing Right Foundation for Asian Skin Tone

  • Best option to choose a perfect foundation is to go to a beauty store where you will find most of the foundation types. There you can choose from a lot of brands.


  • Don’t just buy the product by only seeing it from outside. Rather try it once on a little bit area of your skin to get as much closer foundation shade for your skin as possible.


  • It may happen that you may not find any foundation shade for your skin. But don’t worry that is not a big problem. In such case where you are not able to find exact shade of the foundation for your skin, mix 2 or 3 foundation shades to get the foundation shade that is closer to your natural skin tone.


  • While trying foundation most of the women try it on the back of their palm. But we would not recommend that as foundation sometimes give different effect on back of hand and face. So always try foundation over your jaw line. It is the best ever test for checking your foundation.


  • Try to choose exact foundation shade as of your skin tone. Any visible difference between the shades of both can make you look unnatural.


  • You can also try mineral makeup. It is also one of the best foundation type for Asian skinned beauties.


  • Foundation shade always be checked during day light. If foundation is looking perfect on your skin in daylight, it can never go wrong in night light.


Right Base Foundation

Before choosing the foundation you should also consider its base. Generally, Asian ladies have yellow, golden or peach skin undertones. Therefore foundations with such undertones should be selected. You should not select foundations with pink, rosy, red or blue undertones. Since these will not suit your skin tone.


Don’t Hide You Dark Tones

Some of the ladies try to hide their dark skin tones to make their skin look fair. But this is not going to work much since in this experiment you actually hide your original beauty. So you should not try to look fair rather you should enhance your darker tones by hiding just imperfections.


 BB Creams

BB creams are quite popular in Asian countries. So it is also good to choose BB cream foundations as these will give you perfect shade for your skin while also providing strong protection against environmental and Sun damage. BB cream also deliver proper moisturization to skin giving a perfect look the whole day long.


All these tips will definitely help you in having beautiful looks with your foundation. Don’t ever forget to consider all these points as foundation is most important part of your makeup. If you are going wrong with this your makeup can never go right. Hope you liked the article. Share your views by posting comments to this post.

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