What Is Silicone Hair Treatment & How Does It Help You Treat Hair Loss?

What Is Silicone Hair Treatment & How Does It Help You Treat Hair Loss?

Watching your hair fall while combing, is never a good sight. With this pollution and irregular unhealthy diet hair loss has become noteworthy. Hair loss cannot be affordable in a society where we need to be presentable to value our social and professional needs. So it is wiser to step up to treatment of hair fall at early stage.

For excess hair loss you might have heard and tried several treatments. Often the methods are surgical and involve the use of chemicals. Yet there is a method which is non surgical and can be easily implemented to revert to your original state of hair. It is said to be silicon hair treatment. Let us explore a bit more.


Silicon hair treatment:

Silicon hair treatment involves the use of a silicon derivative known as silicone. Usually you can find this element in sand and glass. Silicone is an inorganic molecule which possesses flexible quality. It exhibits the properties like oiliness and liquidity.

Silicone is found in various cosmetic products too. You can find it yourself too. While buying any cosmetic, mark the chemical composition and search for the chemicals which end with “-one”. This chemical would be the silicone component. The silicone containing products can be water soluble or insoluble. For hair loss treatment, water insoluble silicone is used. It helps in forming a shield on the hair strands without letting the deposits go away. Since it is insoluble it does not get washed away in water.


How silicon hair treatment helps???

Popularly known as the hair silicon treatment, the method helps suitably for partial baldness which is caused due to repeated hair fall. The treatment includes attaching hair on the hairless area using silicone. A shield or coat is formed on the base of the hair strands completely. It complements the scalp so that the patch looks innate. The shield which is formed gives smooth and lustrous effect to the hair adding to its natural look. The hair gets coated from root to tip. Hence there is no chance of causing the hair ends to break.

Moreover the hair remains protected from heat and dust. Even while brushing your hair, the coat is refractive in nature. Therefore the glossy look easily appears. This looks quite natural. When the hair ends are protected too, they do not catch tangles and combing your hair becomes smooth. This adds to the reduction of hair fall. Since the coat does not affect the hair from the outside pollutants, hence the moisture is retained in the hair follicles thereby enhancing the quality of the hair. When the moisture is not allowed to be wasted, the fibres of each hair strand grow stronger and the requisite amount of heat transfer flows effortlessly. And why is this important??? Some hair styles need heat and steam techniques. In this case the shielded hair facilitates the transfer of heat.


Overall the shield acts as a defence mechanism for the hair. It deeply conditions the roots with formulated deposits which serve two purposes.

  • The deposits provide the shine and lustre to the hair due to the refractive properties.
  • The moisture is restored in the follicles and hence the balance is maintained.


This treatment is suitable for any hair type still care needs to taken. With the gaining popularity the treatment is now affordable at a reasonable price.

It is mandatory to note that silicon hair treatment gives temporary effects. With regular yet careful implementation the benefits can be long lasting. As per the manufacturers suggestion the treatment should not be facilitated on a frequent basis. So take extreme care while going for silicon hair treatment and free yourself from hair loss.

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