What Is Premenstrual Syndrome –Main Effects On Skin And Tips To Avoid It

What Is Premenstrual Syndrome –Main Effects On Skin And Tips To Avoid It

Premenstrual Syndrome we can call it “PMS” too in the short form. Every Girl crosses this system in every month. This is a hormonal change which creates emotional and physical imbalances. Most common changes are having acne like pimples, Freckles, Blemish, irritation, feel tiredness, vomiting, get swelling and mood changes.

Premenstrual Syndromes the starting reactions of having periods It will snappy 5-7 day before periods. Most of girls & woman suffered from PMS Acne. Are you one of them? If yes that you should read this because here I’m going to tell you main effects PMS on skin and tips to avoid it.


Main Effects of Premenstrual Syndrome on skin: A survey says 63% of woman gets acne before periods. Its all because of hormonal change and our diet plans. Most of the skin problems we get because of pollutions, sun rays, intake oil and spices and many more but if you get PMS acne problem that means you will get it again n again in every month whenever your periods starts. It can be many types like small pimples, freckles, blemishes, redness or rashes but the main problem is it’s not easy to disappear.

Nowadays many products are available in market to control premenstrual syndrome. It all up to you either you want to use chemical peels or creams or you want to apply and intake home remedies.

But before you use anything you should avoid some regular habits what you do every day without knowing it’s effects.

  • Always remain clean and hygiene because this is so important in these days. Being dirty gives you more bad feeling and diseases internal or outer both.


  • If you get acne wash your face at least 3 times in a day with medicated face wash which has B3.


  • Avoid beauty products. Creams or oils can increases your disease. Don’t put facial creams n all.


  • Pregnancy affects your skin. if you have acne problem before pregnancy then it can be worst after pregnancy so be careful what you use.


  • Every girl not have the same skin so hormonal changes can be different and same as gives you different results.


  • Be aware what you eat. If you eat any thing unhealthy you will be pay for it here I mean if you eat so much salty, specie or oily your skin will suffer. So never eat something like that. Avoid fast foods during the periods or before the periods at least 5 to 7 days you must take a break with this types of items. Eat healthy, be healthy.


  • Drink lots water. minerals is so sportive to put your skin tight and glowing and water is full of minerals. Accept water you can drink juices, coconut water etc.


  • Change your Sleeping habits. Sleep too less or too much both conditions are not good for your health. It’s really affects your skin. less sleep make your looks bad. You always look tired and dull and much sleep makes you lazy. Both are not good. A human body need only 8 hours sleep. So never compromise with that.


  • Joint pain, cramps and aching muscles. During PMS this is the common problems. Most of girls and woman suffers with that. Sometimes it’s hard to handle. A balanced diet can avoid this pain. intakelots of healthy juice like beetroot-carrot , cranberry etc. it’s is so beneficial during, after or before period. It can hide acne and dark spot and gives you such a glowing skin.


  • All of these suggestion you should follow but in any case you can not get relief from acne you must contact with doctor and get required treatment. Because face is the most visible part of human body so you should take care of it. So be prepare to fight with acne , Don’t afraid with PMS.


  • Be positive. Positive thoughts are as important and oxygen. Power of positivity reflects confidence and makes you younger. Gives you glow which you never had before so be happy and think positive.

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