What is MakeUp?

What is MakeUp?

Beautiful, pretty, graceful these words are so common today and important to. Everyone wants these words to apply on themselves. But Without using good products or good quality Equipment. It’s not possible. There Are some knowledge about face makeup which can help you to look good Everyday.


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What is makeup:
In simple language makeup is physical, mental, and moral character of a person. To look Beautiful first you have to know how we look like that .and “make-up” is one of easiest Path for that. And for that we have to know how it applied.


Types of makeup:
Cosmeticians have divided the makeup in three Category.

  • Everyday :-regularly used makeup products which are necessary for looking good everyday is called everyday makeup.


  • Medical:-This category of makeup is use to veil the marks of reckless. This treatment is provided by the experts.


  • THEATRICAL:-the last category of makeup is theatrical. This Category is used For Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities to look good on television screens in front of sparkling lights.


Make-Up Products:– At regular bases we use different makeup products to enhance over features. Lipsticks , eyeliner, mascara are some common makeup productes to highlights the facial features. And councilor, compact or foundations are used to gave a even tone or smooth effect on skin


Some Common or Regular Make-Up Products:-

CONCEALERS:-A concealer is facial cosmetic which are used to hide the marks, dark circle,Age spots and other skin problems. normally it’s used after foundation or primer to gave a skin even tone or smooth texture


FOUNDATIONS:-Foundation is also a body smoother its use as like a “body painting”. it use to change the natural skin tone. it also use to cover skin rashes, marks or pigmentations. It’s a skin color cosmetic. It’s usually applied on face or other body parts.so foundation is very important part of makeup.




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FACE POWDERS:-Face powder is a cosmetic powder which applied after foundation and concealer to set makeup. it’s also applied on oily skin to gave shiny touch. it’s suitable for all skin type. Face powder protect our skin from harsh sun light because in face powder cosmetician use mixture of mineral.


CHEEK COLOUR:-cheek color are Use light dusting of color powder or glitter and shine powder called blusher to highlight the cheek bones.


LIPCOLOUR:- lipsticks, lip glosses ,lip pencil or different lip color products are the cosmetics which are used to highlight the lips called lip color. these lip colors are available in stick form. These sticks are made with vitamin or mineral products .


Makeup is an art. you should choose every color very sharply like other artistic work to enhance or highlight the features. Its a part of mastership. to know about makeup u have to know about the products. And the correct use of make-up enhance our beauty.


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