What Is Ice Cream Diet And How Does It Help To Lose Weight?

What Is Ice Cream Diet And How Does It Help To Lose Weight?

According to the latest studies and researches all over the globe, many researchers have found out that an ice cream diet helps you to lose as much weight as you want. While you are dieting, women can consume 1 cup of ice cream, and men can consume 1½ cups in a day, provided you are using low-fat ice cream which contains 120 calories in a half-cup serving.

The secret to ice cream diet is the calcium present in it. Recent studies have found that overweight people who resorted to a calcium supplement lost 27 percent more body weight as compared to those who ate the same low calorie diet. Expertsclaim that calcium helps obese people to lose weight because when your body does not get sufficient calcium, it starts triggering fat cells and stores fat. In addition to this, ice cream helps satiate your cravings, so you do not feel a strong urge to eat.


Ice cream diet for Breakfast:

  1. Bagel: You need fat free milk, ice cubes, bagel and cheese.
  2. Blueberry ice cream and Corn Flakes: You can have it with a cup of corn flakes even. You need blueberries, ice cube and corn flakes.
  3. Strawberry Slush: You can make strawberry flavored ice cream at home for breakfast. You just need bananas, strawberries and ice cubes.


Ice cream diet for lunch:

  1. Roasted meat Sandwich: What you need is bread slices, meat, ice cubes and ice cream.
  2. Grilled in the microwave: You can grill chicken pieces in the microwave and you need ice cubes and sugar free vanilla ice cream.


Ice cream diet for snack:

  1. Just Milk and Fruit. For this awesome dish, you need milk, raisins, fruits and ice cubes.
  2. Chilled Yogurt ice cream: This is yet another excellent recipe you can have for snack.
  3. Ice coffee: This is yet another excellent dish for snacks. What you need is coffee, ice cubes, and cream.


Ice cream diet for Dinner

  1. Lentil soup with bread:You need lentil soup, ice cubes, bread to make this excellent item for dinner.
  1. Pizza:You can as well make pizza and add ice cream as a dessert at dinner.


Words of caution:

Well, if you just start living only on ice creams you cannot stay healthy. Some health risks may crop up. Let us see in the following lines:

  1. Unsustainable: A sudden drop in calories lead to fluid loss, that creates such a misconception that you are actually losing weight, but that is not the real scenario. The weight loss is not permanent and you will gain the weight you had lost


  1. Unhealthy: It needs to be mentioned that one cup of vanilla ice cream has 270 calories, 32g of carbohydrates, 15 g of fat, and 28g of sugar. What is more, fat free ice cream that boast of having no sugar added to it also contains at least 6g of sugars in one cup.


 However, if you use caution with ice cream diet, you will benefit on the long run and lose weight effectively. Some of the rules you can follow are as follows:

  1. Do not use ketchups or food items with artificial preservatives.
  2. Do not take excess of salts.
  3. Do not eat junk foods and foods rich high bad cholesterol.
  4. Do not even drink diet sodas like diet cola.
  5. Drink as much water as you can. Drink at least 4 liters of water in a day to flush out toxic substances from the body.
  6. Take a good sleep at night, and at least 8 hours of sleep throughout in total.
  7. Do not add excess sugar to your ice cream diet, if you want to maintain your weight.

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