What is Harcombe Diet ?

What is Harcombe Diet ?

Diet is something what we need to be very careful to get a healthy living. It is not only the way of fulfilling our hunger but it is a way by which we can reach a healthy state. It’s more important to know which kind of foods are stuffed in our diet. A diet containing all healthy nutrients will help us to live a disease free life.

Here a question arises, Are we really aware of right diet chart? Do we know what to include and what to avoid in our diet? So, the answer is with our nutritional expert, Mr. Zoe Harcombe.

Zoe Harcombe is a nutritionist who advises the people those who are in urge of losing weight, to intake food without counting calories and lose weight. After 20 years of research in weight lose and overeating, Zoe has given phases of instruction in the diet. Thus, here comes (Zoe) Harcombe Diet.

Zoe has identified 3 common medical conditions which results in food carving due to calorie count.


  1. Candida albicans
  2. Food intolerance
  3. Hypoglycemia


Zoe prefers real food to fake food in her ‘Harcombe Diet’. In slow metabolic rates, it does its work. She explains the intake of diet with calorie in three phases, in her book – ‘The Harcombe Diet – Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight’.


Phases :

The Harcombe Diet has three Phases.

Phase I : Phase I is a five days planner.


Day 1 –

Take Eggs with bacon in morning, natural yogurt, salad, selected vegetables with Salmon for lunch and brown rice with vegetables fried in olive.


Day 2 –

Take brown rice cereal with water in morning, salad nicoise, eggs (hard-boiled), olives or anchovies as lunch, meat with salad and vegetables as dinner.


Day 3 –

Take omelet of 2 to 3 eggs with ham, black pepper, butter, herbs in morning, chicken or beef with vegetables for lunch, brown rice fry with vegetables as dinner.


Day 4 –

Intake porridge oats with boiling water in the morning, chef’s salad for lunch, a large mackerel or trout with more vegetables as dinner.


Day 5 –

Take raw vegetables with soft boiled or scrambled eggs in the morning, vegetables or salad with grilled or roasted chicken for lunch, dry weight rice pasta with tomato sauce for dinner.


Dos and Don’ts :

Phase 1 – don’t mix carbs with fats.

Feed yourself with food that will not make you feel hungry.

Avoid potatoes and mushrooms. They can cause Candida albicans.

Avoid caffeine. Happily drink decaffeinated tea or coffee.

Avoid sweeteners and sugar

Drinking 1.5 litres of water is advisable.

Taking brown rice / porridge oats / rice pasta is advisable.

Try to intake three big meals a day.



Phase II – after five days, pass on to Phase II. It is a little less restrictive.

Take real food and avoid processed food.

Avoid mixing fats and carbs.

Avoid food carving items.

Avoid potatoes, mushrooms and pickles.

Occasional glass of red wine with a main meal.

Two pieces of dark chocolate.



Result :

You lose weight at the end of Phase I. Follow the rules to maintain it in Phase II.

Phase III is meant for life long process.


Fat or carb –

Take any salad and vegetable avoiding potatoes and mushrooms.

Yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese with low fat.

Herbs, olive oil and spices.

Fat – attained from bacon, butter, eggs, chicken etc

Carbs – attained from fruits, baked potatoes, whole grains etc ( plant food)


Note : Regular check up of carbohydrates and fats intake is advisable. Consult your physician before following any dietary habits. People with chronic digestive problems and fatty liver must consult a doctor.

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