What is Hallelujah Diet and what are its Benefits?

What is Hallelujah Diet and what are its Benefits?

Basic Description :

The biblicaly inspired Hallelujah Diet was developed by Rev. George and his wife Rhonda. The Diet highly contains raw plant based food. The Hallelujah Diet consists unprocessed and raw plant based food to 85% and cooked plant food to 15%. So, entirely it is a plant food.


What is Hallelujah Diet ?

The Hallelujah Diet is the antidote to the Standard American Diet, which we call as SAD. The diet plan highly varies from the other diets, as it is completely out of animal based food items. As the Diet plan is successful, the Oasis of Hope Hospital has accepted it.


Dos and don’ts in the Hallelujah Diet :

  1. Food items include raw vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, oils, fats, seeds, seasonings, dairy alternatives and grains.
  2. Liquid items include fresh vegetable juices and re-mineralized distilled water.
  3. Baked or steamed items include steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, whole grains (also pasta) and cooked beans. Squash may be cooked or baked.
  4. Get rid of meat, eggs and diary during the plan.
  5. Alcohol should be avoided. Wine is restricted, if impossible to get away from wine, try to repel from wine.


Level and Limitations :

Level : The change will occur on the way one eat and follow the plan.

Limitations: The plan requires a lot of plan and preparation. Supplements are encouraged.

Exercise : The dieter should undergo 3o minutes exercise regularly.


Benefits of Hallelujah Diet :

  1. Replacing the improper diet by practicing plant based nourishments will rejuvenate your healthy life.
  2. Hallelujah diet will nourish and cleanse the body, energize the immune system, help in resistance increasing energy.
  3. It helps in maintaining sugar levels in blood with weight lose.
  4. The Hallelujah Diet will make you feel better and you can self – heal yourself. Malkmus states that he saved his life after a cancer diagnosis by routing himself to raw fruits and vegetables with carrot juice.
  5. Vegan diets are helpful in lowering risk factors of heart disease.



How to get the Hallelujah food :

In grocery shop, if there is no dairy alternatives, approach a specialty store nearby to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The preparation process is making juice, in primary plan. The Hallelujah Acres Marketplace sells supplements, snacks and Vitamins online. Packaged foods or meals are not required.

Vegetarians, vegans, the dieters following low-fat, gluten-free, low-salt diet can make use of it as it is plant based vegan.


Cost of the plan :

The fresh vegan items might cost high. If the avoidable items like meat, dairy, sugar, salt, white flour and junk food are avoided, the cost of the Hallelujah food will be within our hands.

Nutritionists as well as health experts advise to stay close with plant food. The regular intake of plant based food will treat various health conditions. The Hallelujah Diet plan which is raw vegan is low in saturated fat, sodium and added sugars, and so it is good for those with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension.

Diet must be healthful and at the same time tasty too. Always go for nutritional diet because its not just the taste matters but what counts most is your health. Healthy mind always leads to success. So eat healthy and live healthier with the hallelujah diet and discuss your concerned doctor.


Note : For more information, please view the Hallelujah Acres website. Before entering the plan, should consult your doctor as the diet plan is different from the usual ones. The diet plan is not advisable for those at and over 65 years.

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