What is Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant

Gradual hair fall leads to loss of hair. In most individuals the hair loss takes the form of baldness and hence gives the ultimate embarrassment. Therefore the technology has stepped in which is known as the hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a technique which is mostly surgical that involves moving of separate hair follicles manually from one portion of the body to the required section. The former is known as the donor and the latter is known as the recipient. The transplantation is not only done on the scalp but also it has spread to eyelashes and eyebrows. Usually it is employed on the scalp. Here a little elaboration is made on hair transplant.


The procedure of hair transplant:

Knock at the doctor’s cabin. Well, this is the first step!!! You would already have a pre-evaluation on your first appointment with the doctor as you are not going to just rush into it. And after that the procedure is completely followed.

The scalp is first cleaned by the surgeon meticulously to avoid any infection post transplantation. The back of the head is made numb by an injection which would be the donor so that you would not feel uncomfortable in pain during the process. Some skin of about three to four inches is removed from that portion of the scalp. The skin is kept carefully aside. The scalp from where the skin was removed is now open. Hence it is sewed as quickly as possible.

The removed skin is now divided into grafts. The grafts are of tiny sizes ranging from five hundred to two thousand in number. Each of the graft is inbuilt with at least one hair. Such a state is carried upon to complement with the type of hair you bear. These grafts are carefully prepared.

Again the recipient part is made numb with the injection to make it a zone of pain free. Slits are created on the areas where the hair is to be implanted. The slit is made with the help of the specialised needle. The grafts are placed quite carefully into the holes and this step is very delicately handled. This is continued till the whole recipient area is covered up.

Now you would be wondering the time frame of the total procedure. It takes around four to eight hours. However it completely depends on the extent of the transplant to be done. Again if your scalp does not cease to lose hair then another transplant may be required.


Post medications:

Well it is a surgery. Hence minimum level of pain will do exist in normal. For this you may have to undergo a medication to mitigate the pain. This may continue for several days. But as per the extent of the transplant you may resume your work within six to seven days of the surgery.

After three weeks of the surgery you would have to observe. The transplant hair on the recipient part would fall off. The surgery is successful if the hair starts to re-grow on that area within months. The new growth of hair is the sign for which you put all these efforts.

With the growth of new hair you may affected with the follicular infection. Just as we know that the growth is not natural. It has been forced. Hence the infection is obvious. It may not happen in all cases. Still it is not a serious issue. Therefore proper medication involving antibiotics can help alleviate the problem.

So before you go for a hair transplant consult a professional and take necessary steps on the side effects if you get any. Have a natural look with this unusual method and make yourself escape from embarrassment.

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