What Is Hair Rebounding And How To Do It

What Is Hair Rebounding And How To Do It

Are you fed up with your curls? Read this article and find a way to get rid of your curls. Straight and sleek hair attract every one. Every woman has a strong desire to have straight hair. As straight hair suit on each face type and look very attractive . But very few are blessed with natural hair. Others have to do several things in order to straighten hair, They usually go to salon and usually pay a charming amount of money for this. Since the cost for rebounded hair varies from salon to salon, but it is clear that you have to pay a lot of money. Sometimes you fell very embracing to look up your frizzy hair want to cut it off to repair it. But this is not a solution. Hair is the natural beauty of a person. So try to rebound it instead of cutting it. Rebounding can convert your thinking and make you stylish. So before rebounding hair process it is very important to know something about rebounding.


How Rebounding Process Works-

This process is same like hair straightening process. This procedure makes hour hair straight and sleek permanently.  Normally this treatment may take about 2 to 3 hour. This treatment involves some hair products to provide your hair a very impressive straight look

Natural hair contain some special types of bonds. Your curls are only due to this bond. Since it is a chemical treatment, so some creams are applied on to your hair to break this bonding structure. These products normally cleavage your wavy hair and rearrange it in to a straight shape. After this a natural soft cream is applied to give a smoothly look. Normally it take about 3 hours but it depends on your hair type or can say more thick and long hair can take more time than usual.


Precautions used during rebounding:-

Before going treatment wash your hair with a natural shampoo, it will clean your all dirt and oily contents. After this rinse hair by a towel or it can be dried using a blow dryer. Now divide hair in to small sections and apply cream softener to each section gently by keeping hair straight. Allow the softener for 30 minutes on your hair. This will break all of your curl bonds.

After this dry your hair well.

If you have still some curls then use a iron to get it completely straight. After this it is essential to set the bond, for this apply neutralizer and leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash your hair with water and rinse it well.  Now don’t tie hair for at least two days. If you would like to bath then cover your hair with a plastic bag first .

This treatment will provide you a straight and sleek look for a long time.


Care tips for rebounded hair:

Rebounded hair require more attention than normal have, so you must be very serious about them. A minor mistake can damage your hair shape.

  • Avoid wetting your hair for three days after hair treatment. You should wear a cap before go to bath.


  • Be ensure that your hair are straight before you sleep.Otherwise it may back wavy.


  • Never think to wash hair with warm water, as it may draws moisture from your hair. Wash them with cold water only.


  • Never use any hair products on hair like bleaching, coloring and highlighting. Avoid use of dryer too. It may damage your straight look. Give a cool blow to dry it.


  • Always try to clean your hair. Dirt may cause you itching and dandruff.


  • Trimming your hair is also a good care . so trim it time to time.


  • Prevent your hair from bright sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun may lead to discoloration and hair fall.


  • After three days of rebounded treatment, wash your hair with a natural shampoo to keep your hair clean .


  • Protect your hair from rain, as rain water consists lot of harmful chemicals like sulfur and dust particles which may affect your straight hair badly.

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