“what is Coumadin diet?”

“what is Coumadin diet?”

There is no any particular diet for coumadin. Whatever we eat can affect the role of warfarin. The coumadin diet has mainly to do with the amount of Vitamin K in our diet. Vitamin K and warfarin goes inversely ie. lesser the amount of Vitamin K more is the warfarin effective. And if the Vitamin K is in high quantity in our diet then it lowers the effect of the medication.

The thickness of blood causes the blood to form the clots in the vessel. The clots so forms prevent the flow of blood and allow it to remain at its place of origin. This blood thickening problem leads to many diseases which causes heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure.

So, basically the Coumadin diet helps in the thinning of blood and to deal with this coagulation. Coumadin is also called as Warfarin , it helps in reducing the development of blood coats known as Thrombus. The Coumadin contains high amount of vitamin K which plays a very important role in blood clotting problem. This Coumadin diet is prescribed by many medical professionals. This die is mainly prescribed to those patients who are suffering from the problem of stroke, heart attack or high blood pressure. This is add with vitamin K and helps in blood clotting control. This has a very strong drug chemical in it , so that’s why it is not prescribed in every prescription easily. Some people use this also for the weight loss but its highly recommended that the person should follow a very hard diet chart which is called as Coumadin diet to adopt it. The diet with some drug hamper the impact of Coumadin either by increasing or reducing its usefulness. The vitamin K way taken up with Coumadin should be in balance proportion to prevent the level. Some health institutes recommend that if your diet contains more amount of vitamin k then you should not eat more than 1 serve per day and when it contains less amount of vitamin k then it should be taken up to 3 serve per day not more than that.

While following this diet one should balance their diet on each day .that means it should not much more or less than the previous day. For example if one is eating the green leafy vegetables then should not eat much more on one particular day and not that much less again on another day. One should try to eat same amount of food .

There is not such specific diet for this to follow some but there are such foods and beverages can reduce the affect of Coumadin. But it is important to pay attention on what you eat and in what proportion.


Following are some food comes under this:-

Food proportion of vitamin k

Vegetables high in vitamin k Vegetables low in vitamin K
Cabbage, spinach, sprouts,cauliflower , lettuce, broccoli Green beans, carrots, peas, pepper, corn etc


Some food supplements like green tea, cranberry juice, kiwi , mango and alcohol also effect the percentage of Coumadin. Access intake of alcohol increases the side effects of Coumadin. It leads to bleeding problems which cause liver problems. Food like ginger, garlic , wheat grass also increase the blood clotting .


Negative Impacts Of Coumadin

As such it not have any negative serious impact but for the diabetes patients it increases the level of sugar in the blood. And when it happens one should consult a doctor to get good and healthy diet chat to be followed. There are still some serious side effects of Coumadin and that is hepatitis. It also cause excessive bleeding from blood vessels called hemorrhage, vomiting etc.

But its important to consult a doctor for this type of diet to follow. And it definitely take some time to make your body use to it.

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