What Is Bulletproof Diet?

What Is Bulletproof Diet?

Everyone needs a slim body that enhances the personality and creates self-confidence that helps in positivity. There are various diet plans that work best while losing weight, but bulletproof diet is the recent one that helps to reduce weight in a proper manner and strict dietary control are to be exercised while dieting. The diet plan includes steps and process that need to be taken into account while consuming such fruits and vegetables.

A healthy diet plan is a balanced diet that is important for every individual to implement in their lives. There are effective diet plans to be considered which basically consist of proper nutrition and calorie consumption in a day. What should an individual consume and what should he avoid in the diet plans are mentioned in accordance in this session. The food habits should be changed if a person relies on junk food and does not intake nutrition and low diet food.

Diet is something what we need to be very careful to get a healthy living. It is not only the way of fulfilling our hunger but it is a way by which we can reach a healthy state. It’s more important to know which kind of foods are stuffed in our diet. A diet containing all healthy nutrients will help us to live a disease free life.



A bulletproof diet is not about exercise or rigid workout rather, it helps in taking the right amount of food and vegetables in the diet. The amount of food matters, but the quality of food matters more while reducing weight. Therefore, right quality and food that keeps on building the immunity power without any side-effects are taken in a diet plan. A bulletproof diet has certain things to be considered that should not be taken while dieting such as fruit juice that include sugar, oil, butter, etc. there are some of the food items that are replaced specially when the a person is considering bulletproof diet and follows a strict step wise diet. Replacing sugar with brain octane, grass fed butter and ghee are very important to be considered while eliminating sugar from foods. Gluten should be eliminated from the diet that contains pasta, cereal and bread that are bad options while dieting. Junk food should be gluten free that are almost bad and effect badly on the system. Vegetable oil and grains should be removed from the diet, such as soy oil, corn and canola. Peanut oil, flax, and walnut oil should also be removed rather opting for coconut oil will be a healthier way to stay fit and energetic. Flavors and coloring of the product are a dangerous form so that shall be avoided most frequently and effectively that produce the dyes and artificial flavoring.

The products that are pasteurized and processed should be eliminated. Grass fed cows fat are advisable for some people as far as they are best pasteurized. Organic fruits and vegetables should be a better option that is best for bulletproof diet. This gives an effect that doesn’t even increase fat and gives all such proteins and vitamins that nourishes the system and body. Proper amount of calories and proteins should be considered such as 50% calories should be taken from healthy fats, 20% should be taken from protein while the other 30% should be taken from vegetables. This is a perfect diet plan for bulletproof diet.



Eggs and Bacon that are from pasteurized animal are healthy while consuming in breakfast. For lunch, taking some vegetables that are best should be blundered with healthy fat. Steamed vegetables and the creamy soup is best as it satisfies and nourishes the body. For dinner, healthy proteins and some vegetables with a touch of Carb is better.

There comes a proper routine and a regular way to start up something that is easier. Whereas, many people do not take a first step to plan something that makes healthier and happier.

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