What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You?

What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You?

What lipstick color you love the most? Well by asking this question I am not going to give your any makeup tip. But in this article we have decided to discuss a different thing related to the lipstick shades you wear the most or get attracted by the most. Have you ever experienced such thing that every time you go to buy a lipstick you get desperately attracted by a particular shade? Some of you would be loving red, some would be peach, other would mostly be going with pink etc. etc. But do you know our attraction or love for a particular lipstick shade reflects a lot about our personal characteristics? I am sure you would be taking it as joke, but think think about the color you love to wear the most and then read this article. You will be surprised that this is something a truth.


Meaning of Different Lipstick Shades

Taupe/Brown Shade

If you are fond of such shades then this reflects the orderly personality of yours. These shades say about you that you are a wholesome, comfortable and warm person. People think about you that you are a genuine and dependable person who don’t like going out overly. You love to find even a little good thing in everything.


Pink Lipstick Shades

If you are a lover of pink lipstick shades then it reflects your universal love. It says that you are a desperate lover of beauties and beautiful things around the universe. On wearing a pink lipstick shade on your lips can let people feel tenderness and acceptance about you. They may find you little bit innocent.


Peach/Orange Lipstick Shade

Your deep orange shade represents warmth, sun and fire. It may reflect your personality as a person that is a plain fun. Orange color is considered to support our mental activities by supplying appropriate amount of oxygen to our brain. If you wear paler peach, you will be perceived as a cheerful and enjoying person. This also reflects that you genuinely offer warmth to other persons around you.


Red Lipstick Shade

Red is the most loved lipstick shade among ladies. No explanation is required for this shade as it is a most vibrant and eye catching color among all other. It reflects your sexy, bold and hot emotions instantly. If you are a red lover then it means that you a quite confident in your actions and you cannot be intimated easily. You are quite desperate about what you want and love to be in your genuine mood.


Mauve Or Purple Lipstick Shades

Purple is a color representing power, magic and luxury. So your purple lipstick shade will represent you among people as a powerful and attracting personality. People may also find you a little bit mysterious. These colors and romantic and feminine but also very confident and strong.


Dark Black Lipstick Shade

If you love to wear black lipstick shade then you may be very difficult to approach for people. People may not be as confident and comfortable in approaching you easily. It also reflects that you are quite irritant or less interested in mixing up with people around you.


Nude Lipstick Shades

If you love to wear nude lipstick shades then you are more down to earth and simple person in your personal life. You love to be as natural and simple as you can. You are quite friendly, easy going and calm. You are confident while having your natural looks visible.


Hope you will agree with all such perceptions made according to the lipstick shades you wear. Keep reading more interesting articles with us regularly.

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