What Causes Hair Loss In Women

What Causes Hair Loss In Women

A number of changes occur in woman’s physical structure during her whole life span. These changes play a very important role in hair fall and growth. In a certain period of time hair growth is on the peak while at some stages women loss hair rapidly. This all depends on the estrogen hormone, secreted  from woman. Imbalance of this hormone may cause many physical problems and specially it affects the hair. However there are number of reasons which negatively affect your hair shaft.

The summer season can prove to be very unhealthy for your hair if they’re constantly exposed the scorching heat of the sun. The UV rays from the sun tend to make your hair dry and damaged. And with all the pollution that your hair have to face every day, looking good and presentable all the time seems like a challenge.

Everybody loses hair. Although it is not possible to count your hair fall accurately but according to a study it is seen that a woman normally loses 50 to 100 hair daily. Often you have seen that when you wake up in morning, you get a handful of hair on your pillow. This is a sign which indicates that you are losing hair continuously at this stage.

Hair damaged from sun, wind, salt water and chlorine, if not repaired shortly, can turn into an enduring problem. So it’s important that you take care of your hair and repair the damage soon. Not much goes into caring for your hair.

Beautiful hair is the sign of woman’s beauty. Everybody wants pretty hair but most of us are not concerned about their hair fall. They don’t pay a proper attention to their hair. They are very irresponsible about healthy habits. so it is very important to take precautions. But before this you should know about the reasons which affect your hair. Here some factors which negatively affect your hair strongly.


Reasons that cause woman’s hair:-

  1. Sun exposure and environmental factors:- These factors affect both men and women. Direct sun light with bright intensity may burn your scalp and hair become dry and dull. It draws the moisture and shine from hair and it become weak. Weak hair fall easily. Environmental factors like dust, pollution also cause hair loss. Pollute air contains harmful gases and may lead to hair fall.


  1. Anemia: When there is deficiency of iron in blood, it may cause anemia. Normally this is a very common problem in women. Women lose blood during their menstruation cycle. As a result it lowers the amount of hemoglobin in blood. Due to this supply of oxygen to hair is affected badly. This lead to hair loss.


  1. Deficiency of protein:- Protein is very essential for growth of your hair. If your body is unable to full fill its required amount or there is lack of protein in your food, hair become weak and fall easily.


  1. Medical illness:- some diseases also affect your hair. For example diabetes and psoriasis. Diabetes affects our blood circulatory system. Due to this supply of oxygen to upper parts of your body is prohibited. As a result of this hair become weak, dull and easily breakable. On the other hand psoriasis also affects negatively your hair scalp.


  1. Imbalance of estrogen hormone:- A woman’s body goes to several changes during her life. If at any stage of life your estrogen harmone becomes low then it may make your hair dry and weak and cause to hair loss. So proper care should be taken to maintain estrogen balance.


Besides this excessive use of hair implements like iron, dryer, blower, curling tools and some hair products spray or colours can damage your hair shaft.

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