What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Dyeing?

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Dyeing?

Are you suffering with greying hair? Are you finding new ways to hide them? Finding new ways is not a problem but using chemical based products is not a good option. There are several kinds of chemical based products are available in the market but they are very harmful for the hair and internally damage your hair. It may be possible that you can see the affects after long time but the damage is confirmed. Yes, it is right that hair colouring is always in trend in the form of mehendi or chemical based colours also. But if you really want beautiful hair then heena is good choice, colour with gorgeous hair. If you are also thinking about colouring hair than think once again and first read this article.


Side effect of hair dye:-

Hair colour mainly contains ammonia that is work like a thermite for your hair. According to its nature ammonia is very harsh in nature, so that it is also affects the hair badly.

  • Makes hair brittle:- Hair dyes can makes your hair brittle due to its chemical present in colour. Chemical contain in it is a result of dry hair and you have to take haircut after a particular period. So if you like long and strong hair then cut the hair colouring from you is to do list.


  • Increases the chances of cancer:- Hair dyes mainly contains PPD that causes cancer, it is found in American cancer society. Its chemical composition makes u think twice to use hair dyes just like it’s another chemical like Resorcinol which is responsible for breast cancer by hormone unbalancing. So before using it ou have all the knowledge of chemical composition.


  • Breathing diseases:- If you are in regular contact with hair colour then it can be increases the chances of asthma or breathing diseases. Chemical like PPD and presulfates make the airway passes area sensitive and you feel problem in breathing. PPD found in dyes and presulfates found in beaches, both are very harmful in nature from all ways. But this problem mainly arises in hair stylists who are always in contact with hair dyes.


  • Allergy:- We know you just want to try hair colour to look different from others and also want to make jealous to your friends but first check it for any kind of allergy. Hair dyes does not suit to any kind of skin types, so that they can cause skin allergies such as itchy scalp, swelling, redness etc. If you are allergic or sensitive skin then you have to take extra care. First ask you’re stylish about your sensitive skin and check it first on your skin to get confirms about the skin allergy.


  • Other problems:- After knowing all kind of problem you also want to know about this problem, it is right, let’s see. Hair dyeing is not also enhances the health related problems but also increases the problems like it si too costly. We are not talking about lakh but thousands of rupees are not less with hair colouring which also affect badly to your health.


Here you know all kind of health related problems but it does not mean that we just hate colours. The thing is you have to know all kind of problem which can be arises due to hair colouring. If you really want to try it just at once then go for it but we only recommend to do not experiment with your hair. Now the decision is yours think once again about your decision. Bye-Bye!

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