What are the Best Medicines for Treating Dry Skin Problems

What are the Best Medicines for Treating Dry Skin Problems

Skin dryness is also calledXerosis. Dry skin especially in winters reduces the skin glow and promotes dullness of skin. Aging signs may also get more visible in dry skin. Therefore it is necessary to treat your dry skin so that it you can maintain your skin tone even in any sort of environment. There are certain pharmaceutical products that help to sooth the skin internally and help to reduce dryness giving nourishment and moisture to it. We are going to share a few tips about various medicinal or pharmaceutical skin care products that will help you to eliminate skin dryness and sooth your skin to enjoy winters with glowing skin.


Medicines that are Best for Dry Skin–


  • The medicinal lotions, creams or gels prescribed by dermatologists contain urea and lactic acid. You can purchase such creams in medicine stores by verifying both of these contents carefully. As these two contents are highly effective in treating skin dryness.


  • AmLactin is another group of dry skin care lotions, creams and moisturizers that are clinically proven and are specially prescribed for dry skins. These products contain lactic acid as well as urea that give nourishment to skin and keep away the dryness. Use Amlactin medications and say goodbye to rough and dry skin.


  • The dry skin pharmaceutical products offered by Aveeno have been derived from nature and are proven by science. Aveeno dry skin care products contain active nutrients that are highly useful for skin moisture and hydration. An addition to dry skin if your skin is sensitive then these can prove best for your skin.


  • Aquaphor is the skin care brand that offer pharmaceutical products for treating dry skin. You can try Aquaphor products as well and get smooth and nourished skin.


  • The creams soaps, lotions and skin care products belonging to the topical emollients helps to sooth the skin and promote its softness, thus reducing dryness. Emollients basically are oils & fats like ointment, paraffin and lanolin that help to deliver essential moisture to the skin.


  • Aqueous cream is also helpful against skin dryness. It is a widely used pharmaceutical product that is made from emulsifying ointment that are perfect to give hydration to skin and reduce dryness. Use this medicinal cream to get rid of dry skin.


  • Various Emollient bath additives availed by pharmaceutical companies also help to treat dry skin as such products contain necessary oils and moisturizing elements that give nourishment to skin maintaining its hydration and glow.


  • You can also try calamine based skin lotions for treating your skin dryness. Although good results of such products can be seen in comparatively longer period of time but these are definitely going to help you against irritating dryness. These help to make skin smooth and silky.


  • Cetaphil is one of the best cleanser that you can help you greatly in reducing skin dryness. Use this cleanser for cleaning your body while bathing and get a moisturized skin. Apply any of the viscous moisturizer recommended dermatologist to your skin after bathing.


If you have a dry skin then it is crucial for you to select appropriate skin care product that will give essential moisture to your skin. Hope this article can help you in selecting best skin care product for you. But before your choose any of these pharmaceutical products it is recommended to consult with your dermatologist first. As dermatologists will prescribe exact skin care medicine for your keeping in mind your skin category, sensitivity and texture. The product prescribed by skin specialist will be best suitable for your skin and will definitely help you in treating your skin dryness effectively.

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