What Are Lip Appliqués And How To Apply Them

What Are Lip Appliqués And How To Apply Them

Do you love doing something unique and different to your makeup? Sometimes we all get bored with our plane and smooth lipsticks, hair styles, eye makeup and more and think that what different and out of the box we can do for our makeup. Well, today in this article we are going to share that out of the box makeup for your lips. The name for this different makeup is “Lip Appliqué”. Some of you or probably most of you may not have heard about this. It is loved by all the ladies that try to look unique and stand out of the crowd. So let’s know more about these Lip Appliqués.


What Are Lip Appliqués?

Lip Appliqués are the tattoos or sticker with colorful designs printed on them. These stickers are applied to your lips to make your color not only colorful but also seem like printed with certain pattern and design. These area sort of temporary lipsticks that last for hours and make you look unique and vibrant. Lip Appliqués keep the glitter and shine on your lips with giving smooth and glossy finish. So if you are fond of having perfectly patterned pout then you should try these Lip Appliqués at least once.


How To Apply Lip Appliqués:


  • Application of Lip Appliqués is quite easy just like applying a sticker. You can buy your Lip Appliqué printed in the pattern of your choice from a reputed cosmetic brand.


  • For applying lip appliqué to your lips, first separate appliqué from its stencil.


  • After that you need to measure the length of your lips so that your lip appliqué fits your lips perfectly. For this measure the length, width and depth of your lips first by lining top appliqué on cupid. Make sure to open your mouth in “Ahh” shape. You need to stay outside the waterline of your lips.


  • Now cut to the measurements that you have measured horizontally and vertically on back of the lips.


  • Peel the plastic film off your appliqué and put the sticky side of it on the lips. But remember to keep your mouth open in Ahh shape otherwise its pattern can get disturbed. Soak the paper in water with the help of cotton until the paper by itself slides off.


  • Seal the appliqué with adequate amount of water using cotton.


  • Finally you need to w8 for 5-7 minutes and after that you can apply other product to your lips and eat and drink anything you want.



Things To Keep In Mind For Best Application:


  • First thing you need to remember is that your lips should be 100% clean and free from any beauty product or makeup. As dirt or other product on lips would prevent perfect sticking of appliqué.


  • You should not cut the lip appliqué from top line of lip pattern as it will ruin complete pattern of your appliqué. So make sure to cut it from bottom line.


  • Make sure that you are outside the waterline of your lips. By saying waterline we mean to refer to the area up to where you lips stay wet naturally.


  • One thing that you also need to make sure is that avoid eating too greasy or oily as oil can remove your appliqué and destroy your all lip makeup.


  • While drinking it will be good to use straw so that your appliqué can stay on your lips for longer time.


  • If you want to use any product over your dry lips then you should make sure that it is quite light. Avoid using too sticky or oily product over your lips. Because such products can cause removal of appliqué.


Try this unique lip makeup product and share your experience with us. We are sure you would love this.

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