What Are Anti-Aging Hormones and How Are They Helpful

What Are Anti-Aging Hormones and How Are They Helpful

Anti-aging is such a hot topic because the signs like wrinkles, dark spots, freckles and more that aging brings with it are not acceptable to anyone. There is a wide range of superfoods, fruits and treatments as well that can prevent all such aging signs. But have you ever thought that what part of our internal system need to be served with all these anti-aging resources? That part is called “Hormones”. Various vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and more that we consume against aging process are for the sake of hormones. In this article we are going to explore all about anti-aging hormones.


Various Anti-Aging Hormones and Their Benefits:

Hormones are responsible for every function in our body like metabolism, regulating immune function, growth and more. Various hormones that are responsible of aging in human are DHEA, Progesterone, HGH, Testosterone and Estrogen. Decline in the balance of any of these hormones leads to the symptoms associated with aging.Sometime imbalance in aging hormones leads to serious effects on body and mind as well. After achieving certain age imbalance in all aging hormones occurs and to prevent that imbalance anti-aging hormone supplements need to be taken so that aging symptoms can be avoided.



DHEA is a hormone in human body that is produced by adrenal glands through cholesterol and plays very important role in producing sex hormones called estrogen and testosterone. In our 20s it reaches to its peak and after that it starts declining slowly that results in aging process.

Supplemental DHEA prescribed by doctors improves immune system of our body while also providing energy and strength.



Progesterone is responsible for multiple functions in men and women body like regulating sleep cycle, improving immunity and managing brain functions. Imbalance in Progesterone in human can lead to various aging symptoms like sleeplessness, foggy thinking and more.

Depending upon individual’s health history, supplemental progesterone can benefit against various aging signs by maintaining the proper balance of Progesterone in body.


HGH (Human Growth Hormone):

Human growth hormone is most important hormone that supports normal development of organs and tissues in children. HGH assists tissue growth, bone growth and muscle mass.

FDA approved HGH supplements help adults to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and support brain function.



Testosterone is considered to be the major hormone in a hormone group called androgens. It is basically associated more with men but functions in the body of both men and women. In men it helps the growth of facial and body hair, sperm production and sexual drive. In women it is responsible for energy, weight and sexual activities.

Testosterone hormone supplements helps to increase memory, prevent frailty and offer great strength in both men and women.



Estrogen is a single name given to group of hormones, estrone, estradiol and estriol. This collective hormone though functions in both men and women but has more significance in body of women rather in men. In women, role of Estrogen is to develop various sexual features like inducing changes in breasts and growth in uterine lining in menstrual cycle. It also prevent women from heart disease. While in men it facilitates physical changes like chest, facial growth and more.


All these anti-aging hormones have the power to keep you youthful and healthy irrespective of your age. Sometimes it becomes highly crucial to take all such anti-aging hormones because of worst aging symptoms. But it is recommended that supplements for balancing aging hormones should only be consumed after consultation with a specialized physician as previous health history need to be considered before we utilize anti-aging hormone supplements.

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