Skin is largest and one of the most important organ of human body. Skin protects your body from, it also helps in regulating your body temperature, and it helps in permitting the sensations of heat cold touch etc.


Skin consists three type of layers:

  • EPIDERMIS –Outermost layer which work as a water proof barrier and also creates a skin tone.
  • DERMIS– It contain hair follicles , sweat gland, and touch connective tissue
  • HYPODERMIS – It is made up of fat and connective tissue.



SUNLIGHT –Sun is being one of the major factor that effect your skin in big amount. UV exposure damage the DNA of the cells of your skin and it became the one of the major cause of pigmentation. The over exposure in sun can increase the no of moles in your skin and also change the texture of skin .Sun is also reason of some fatal disease like skin cancer.


SMOKING – Smoking also one of the major reason which effects your skin due to presence of nicotine which contracts the blood vessels and also reduced the flow of nutrients and oxygen to epidermis which results into a wrinkles around your mouth, it also effects the resistance power of your skin because of that it increase the time to recover from wounds.


POLLUTION- Pollution also one of the reason which affect your skin especially air pollution. Dust can block skin pores and increase the no of bacteria on your face which results into skin problems like acne. Chemical which are present in air effects the natural protection system of your skin it breaks the natural skin oil which helps in maintaining moisture of your skin and keep it looks healthy and glowing.


ALCOHOL – Alcohol is also dangerous for your skin like smoking .Drinking results into a constant dilation of blood vessels of your face which cause a permanent network of red capillaries’ especially around your cheek and nose.


WIND – Windy condition during winter results into a dry skin. Using good moisturiser and drinking lots of water helps your skin in cold and windy condition and keep your skin hydrated and look radiant.


EXERCISE –Exercise not only keeps you healthy it also affects your skin. It increases blood circulation in your body and proper distribution of oxygen and nutrition to your skin. During exercise sweating also helps in releasing dirt from your skin which makes your skin looks fresh and glowing.


DIET – Diet also plays an important role for your skin condition . Healthy diet which contain important vitamins ,minerals nutrients helps your skin looks healthy where improper diet results into many skin problems like dark circles under your eyes ,dark spots etc.


CLIMATIC CONDITION – Climatic conditions also affect your skin. In winters cold conditions makes your skin dry on the other hand during summers the hot humid conditions makes your skin feels uncomfortable.


SKIN CARE – Skin care is also an important factor because everyone have different type of skin like dry, oily etc.And every skin needs different type of skin care so according to your skin condition its important to give proper skin care which helps you in achieving maintain balance.


HORMONES – Hormonal change is the natural thing which arises with the respect of age and it also affects your skin condition. Skin hormones during teenage and during old age are very different which cause totally different skin condition .In women’s during pregnancy ,menstruation and menopause the skin condition are different because of hormone related factors.


WATER – Water helps our skin in many ways it helps maintaining the moisture of your skin and helps your skin looks healthy.

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