Wet Dandruff – What Is It And How To Treat It?

Wet Dandruff – What Is It And How To Treat It?

Solving dandruff issue has been quite a mandate now a day. Dandruff may be caused easily to sensitive skin. But an important aspect arises. Are you going on the right track to solve the dandruff issue??? Let us elaborate. Dandruff can be wet or dry. If you do not get to the depth that which kind of issue persists in you, then you would not be able to fight it. So it is tad vital to know the kind before proceeding to the treatment. Otherwise you may end up with the wrong result.

Here we throw light on wet dandruff and its treatment.


What is wet dandruff???

Wet dandruff arises from oiliness. How? Well, secretion of sebum originally holds good for a scalp. The oil and moisture balance is maintained. Deviation from this balance creates problem. If by any chance the sebaceous glands start secreting excess sebum, then the oil gets clogged on the scalp attaching the roots of the hair to it. Oily scales start to appear.

You are aware of the pollution level of the atmosphere, right? The dirt and dust of the vicinity are easily attracted to the oily scales formed on the scalp. Now the scalp gets itching and hence the dandruff is formed. This is wet dandruff. Such dandruff does not fall off. Rather it gets stuck to the surface worsening the situation. Extreme cases may result in the growth of the dandruff towards eyebrows.


Treatment of wet dandruff:

Now that we know about the wet dandruff, it would be easy for us to go for the treatment. Several remedies have been forecasted for the removal of wet dandruff.


Fenugreek seeds:

Seeds of fenugreek are a boon for people fighting with issues of wet dandruff. Soak the seeds overnight. They become soft by morning. Crush them into a powder. Add little water simultaneously to make it a paste. Now apply the paste all over the entire scalp. Keep as such for about thirty minutes. Wash off.

Fenugreek seeds can work well on clean scalp. So it would be better if you shampoo and clean your hair before going for this treatment.



Egg is a perfect conditioner for hair. It can easily fight wet dandruff and helps in the growth of strong hair. Take two eggs and beat up in a container. Add water to it to have a good concoction. Make your hair a little damp. Take the egg mixture and massage it on the scalp. After smearing all the mixture on the scalp, leave it for about fifteen minutes. Wash off after the required time.

If this is done twice a month then wet dandruff cannot find home in the scalp any more.


Olive oil and shikakai:

Shikakai is a natural ingredient which conditions the hair and prevents the hair to get into any kind of irritation. Take some warm olive oil and massage through your scalp. Keep this overnight. Take a lemon in the next morning and extract its juice. Apply the lime juice on the scalp. Keep this undisturbed for about one hour.

After an hour use shikakai to wash off the oil and lime juice form the scalp. Give it a thorough wash. You will observe the difference within two washes. Wet dandruff has to be kept waiting!!!



Old curd also helps to wipe out wet dandruff. This treatment gives completely positive result. Take some curd in a bowl. Apply this on the scalp and even in your hair strands. You can divide groups of strands of hair and get the curd on the scalp and hair at one stretch. Complete the process by taking number of strands so that the entire scalp is covered. Keep this untouched for around twenty minutes. Wash off with normal water.


Following any of these remedies can get you rid of wet dandruff. So try these out and make the best of the effort to have healthy and beautiful hair.

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