Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body

Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body

Do you often spend time under the rays of sun? Especially in winters it feels quite pleasing to have a sunny day and spend some time in the garden having a cup of coffee or tea. Besides this the people with field work or outside the office jobs also have to spend these hours under the sun rays. But there are certain unexpected or weird things that you may experience due to the affects of sun. Some of these affects are positive and some are negative. So let’s explore how the sun may affect your body and health.


Red, Rashy Skin

The unprotected sun exposure over the years causes redness and rashes in your skin. These rashes become more visible as your age keeps increasing. This is because the sun rays over the years makes our skin thinners and thus it loses its structure especially across the neck and cheeks. As a result skin starts looking little bit red or brownish. Therefore the appearance of aging signs increases and the original charm may get lost.


Adequate Night Sleep

Now when talking about the positive part of the sun then a study reveals that the internal sleeping cycle or circadian rhythm is regulated by the sun in our body. Our natural sleeping time table coincides with the sunrise and sunset times. When we keep exposing to sun regularly then our internal clock is set most closely to get aligned with the natural lifecycle by our body. Thus we start feeling sleep at the natural sleeping time and can have a better night’s sleep regularly.


Jolt of Joy

Another study reveals that the sun exposure causes a chemical from our body named beta-endorphin. This chemical is called a feel good chemical of body that is also released while exercising. This chemical is beneficial for giving you an instant jolt of joy and keeping your mood joyful. But still you should stay aware of over exposure to the sun. As over exposure may lead to an addiction to the sun.


Increased Levels of Vitamin D

The sun rays are known to be one of the richest sources of vitamin D. Spending some time in the sun may boost the vitamin D level in your body thus eliminating the risks of various ailments like osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and various types of flues. Or body carries pre-vitamin D with it and it needs sun rays to get that pre-vitamin D converted to vitamin D. So exposing yourself to sun rays for sometime in a day may help greatly to boost the vitamin D levels. However in case of overexposure the same chemical reaction may get reversed and your body may even loose the vitamins that it is already containing. Hence it is important not to get over exposed to the sun.


Reduced Vision

Reduced vision is one of the signs of aging and as long as it is just a sign of aging, it is not a big issue. But this lack of vision may worsen due to the over exposure to the sun. The ultra violet rays present in the sun are harmful for our skin as well as for eyes. These harmful sun rays may increase the chances of cataracts and even some serious ailments. In certain cases sun rays may even cause complete blindness. So sunglasses should be used while exposing to sun so that your eyes may get protected.


These are certain affects that might be caused due to sun exposure. Overall we can say that limited amount of sun rays may be helpful for your health and overall wellness but over exposure to sun should always be avoided as this may cause severe skin, eyes and more issues. So keep these things in mind and stay protected from over sun exposure.

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