Ways To Take Care Of Razor Bumps

Ways To Take Care Of Razor Bumps

Shaving up the hair from the skin makes you look more beautiful. Still there is always a but. And what is that??? Commonly both men and women experience this. Some hairs are too stubborn to be shaved off. Therefore they become less interested to grow up and hence they start growing inwards curling into the skin. Gradually they take the form of razor bumps.

These razor bumps can be timely care. If they are left unattended then itching and redness may appear making you really uncomfortable. There are certain ways to take care of the razor bumps.


Use aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a medicine to all skin disorders. It employs a soothing effect on the bumps which gradually make them cool down and slows their growth. After shaving, if you observe any razor bump the go to your garden and tip off an aloe-vera leaf. Squeeze the leaf and extract the gel out of it. Apply the gel directly on the razor bump. It would have immediate effect and will prevent the bump from becoming sore.



It is the best and most common prevention taken for razor bumps. Once you exfoliate the skin then the dirt and grime which can exaggerate the infection in the bumps are easily removed. You can get yourself done with natural and artificial scrubs. Sincere scrubbing will result in lessening of formation of razor bumps. Moreover the already formed bumps would be protected from infection due to accumulation of dust.


Using hydrocortisone:

Hydrocortisone is an anti inflammatory medicated cream which soothes and softens the affected areas. Razor bumps may aggravate towards itchiness and rashes. The hydrocortisone moisturises the affected dermis and mitigates the itchiness caused due to the bumps. If the affected area becomes softer then the razor bumps will be gradually wiped out.


Use lemon juice:

The ingrown hair follicles give rise to razor bumps after every shave. If the bumps get dust deposits then they are most likely to get infected. The infection exacerbates the condition. The use of lemon juice acts as a protection from such infection. Lemon is acidic and hence it counter attacks the infection in a diligent way. So apply lemon juice on the razor bumps to avoid the further bacterial attacks after shaving.


Use white tea:

This way of treating the razor bumps might not be famous but it gives amazing result. Tea encloses tannic acid which is helpful in reducing inflammation. For a razor bump to be cured, the inflammation needs to be checked first. The use of white tea bag is quite simple and effective too. You have to wet the bag. Then press it on the affected area. The swelling would be reduced to a great extent and you will be relieved of the redness.


Use tweezers:

The extra follicular growth of hair can be gently pulled by the help of tweezers. Make the tweezers disinfected by sterilising it. Once the ingrown hair is removed then the bumps would not appear and the inflammation gradually turns off. But give a gentle approach to this treatment. Otherwise you may end up hurting yourself.

The cleaner the shave, the lesser is the formation of razor bumps. If you get razor bumps frequently then you must change the way of shaving. You can also modify the after shave oil to keep the irritation at bay. Get the correct shaving razor and master the art of shaving. This can help a lot. Before shaving you can wet the area with warm water. This makes the hair softer and hence gets easily pulled out. So be cautious in the shaving procedure and keep yourself protected from unwanted razor bumps.

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