Ways To Protect Your Hair From Summer Sun

Ways To Protect Your Hair From Summer Sun

As you know sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our body. Especially for bones and hair, you require sufficient amount of this vitamin. In winter season you have to remain without sunlight or if you get it is very less. Although in summer season you full fill your requirement of vitamin D but do you aware from the adversary effect of sunlight on your hair and skin. Summer sun may be unpleasant for you as it can damage your hair. Exposing to a bright shine can spoil your scalp too. Prolonged sunlight can ruin your hair style and lighten your hair. Also ultra violet rays coming from sun can affect your melanin. Melanin is responsible for the color of hair. UV rays damage your hair shaft by dispersing the melanin. There are lots of people who are not concerned about their hair loss. They do not take balanced diet, go to the beach and usually spend a lot of time in sunshine. But slowly these factors put an adverse effect on the hair. Besides these sweat and dust particle is also a normal problem in summer. It causes the much hair fall and dandruff etc. Due to prolonged exposure to sun hair start becomes white also. So it is very important to take suitable precautions to protect hair from sun shine. In sea side’s area people go to the beach and often take a bath in sea water or into pools. Sea water contains a lot of salt and chlorine in it. Water with chlorine can be irritating and makes your skin dry. so if you going into a pool do not forget to cover your head with anti chlorine substance like conditioners. This coat creates a barrier between your hair and water. Afterwards it is also important to rinse hair carefully and have shampoo. But don’t worry by taking suitable precautions you can protect your hair from summer light.



Before going step out from your door it is essential to know about your scalp type and hair style. Whether it is oily, itchy, dry, straight, and wavy or of different types etc.

  • Avoid too many hair products: Excess of hair products can damage your scalp so avoid bleaching; coloring your hair in summer as these creams has harmful chemicals and may ruin your hair. People use irons rollers to make hair beautiful but these instrument makes your hair fizzy and dry so avoid them as much as possible.


  • Conditioners: Sunlight draws moisture from your hair and they get dry. So you need to give back enough moisture to hair. Conditioners are a clever option. It protects hair from chlorinated water, dryness, humidity, sweat and dust and your hair remain bouncy and soft for a long time. So have sufficient conditioners while going outdoor. Also don’t forget to wear swimming cap while going before to take a bath in pools.


  • Using shampoo: As I am not saying to you to use shampoo daily but using shampoo twice in a week is a healthy habit. Shampoo removes the dandruff and dust particles from scalp and makes it clean, besides this it removes the unwanted oily content from hair. But never forget to replenish your hair with oil and conditioners after shampoo.


  • Stay away from bitter and ammonia hair cosmetic: As these products are very harmful for hair so stay away from these.


  • Drink lot of water: Water makes body hydrated and saves you from dryness. Everybody should drink about 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Also take water enrich fruits like watermelon, papaya. Besides this I suggest you to take a balanced diet also, because nutrients in your body make your hair healthy and prevent it from hair fall and turning brown for a long time.


  • Put a scarf: while going outdoor always put a scarf or cap. It will protect your hair from direct sun light, dryness and dust particles.

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