Ways To Fight Severe Dandruff

Ways To Fight Severe Dandruff

Most of the times, it happens that you would be willing to wear your favorite black dress yet it seems impossible. The dandruff on the shoulder shines as little stars which bring out an embarrassing look for you. Dandruff has not spared any age group. An oily scalp, hormonal disorders, the teenage stress, extreme dryness are all responsible for severe dandruff.

Severe dandruff may not be removed by the branded shampoos and other hair care products. The simpler ways you follow the easier you will get rid of dandruff.



Dead cells in the form of flakes are generated in the scalp when skin gets too dry. This can give rise to dandruff. To suppress such condition, take the help of yogurt. Yogurt acts as good as a cleanser and moisturizer to the scalp. Take a container and pour fresh yogurt into it. Apply the same on the scalp by dividing into smaller sections. Keep the hair as such and then wash off with vinegar. Vinegar prevents the smell of the yogurt. So if you rinse your hair with vinegar then you do not have to carry the smell with you.


Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is quite helpful for fighting severe dandruff. You may refer any dermatologist for this remedy. They would definitely suggest you vinegar on a positive note. Take a clean container and mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportion, say one to one. Keep it aside. Get yourself a normal hair cleanse using your regular shampoo. After washing, pour the vinegar mix which was kept aside on the scalp gently covering the entire area. Leave the hair undisturbed for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off with normal water. The dandruff formation will be wiped out and you will get clean and dense hair.


Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are a magic for the scalp fighting with dandruff issue. Fenugreek contains all the essential nutrients which are beneficial for the scalp to make itself a dandruff free zone. Just grind the seeds of fenugreek into a powder. Empty the mixer by pouring the powder into a bowl. Add yoghurt to the ground seeds. Mix well to make a thick yet smooth paste. Apply the paste on the scalp carefully and gently. Leave it undisturbed for about thirty minutes. Wash off with normal water. As the paste would contain the powdered seeds, the later may stick to the hair roots within thirty minutes of time. Hence wash gently so as not to loosen the roots. Otherwise you may get hair fall during the wash.


Coconut oil:

If the scalp is well hydrated in balanced condition then the dandruff would remain at bay. Coconut oil can provide the scalp with the requisite hydration and keeps the scalp completely moisturised. Coconut oil is easily available and simple to use. Take a container and pour the required amount of coconut oil into it. Warm it. Take the warm oil and gently massage on the scalp. Cover the entire scalp. This also aids to the exercise of your fingers too!!! You can keep it as such for the whole night or you may wash off after two to three hours. If you are keeping it overnight then no need to warm the oil. To get the stickiness off the hair you can have successive washes too.


Neem leaves:

Did you just hear neem leaves??? Well, yes. These medicinal leaves can cure severe dandruff too. Have few leaves and dry them up so that it would be easy to crush them. Take the crushed neem leaves and blend with water. You can add yogurt also. Apply on the scalp and allow drying for about fifteen minutes. Then wash it off. For extracting the best result wash off with vinegar. Hibiscus leaves are good substitutes for neem leaves.

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