Global warming is making us face the shortage of water, without which life on this planet would not be possible. Over the years people have been looking for the fountain of youth, which is as elusive as ever.

        The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring that was supposed to grant immortality to whosoever drank it .It was supposedly discovered by Juan Ponce De Leon, a Spanish explorer!

      Well, coming down to facts, it is recommended that our simple glass of water, taken about 10 to 15 times daily, restores our complexion, and improve our health.

         Aerated drinks, though their base is water is not recommended at all by doctors, as they contain colors and chemicals which are harmful to health.

         Some people have gone on record to say that as they were suffering from headaches and poor digestion, on the recommendation of the doctor, drank about three litres of water daily and after a month ,their complexion improved, some noticed that their breath smelled better and some even had better movement in their joints. Some even said that they were eating irregular snacks, whereas in actual fact it was the thirst they were craving for and not hunger.


As of our body is made up of sixty percent water, drinking enough water maintains the body fluids ,which help transport nutrients in our body, regulate our body temperature and help in digestion.



When people have lots of water they feel filled up and so do not eat and so consume fewer calories and so do not gain weight by eating junk food.



Exercising at the gym makes our body sweat and the muscles lose water and one gets tired. So for that extra energy one should have more plain water .



A toxin in the body makes our skin to inflame, resulting in clogged pores and acne. Water flushes out harmful toxins from our body and also reduces the risk of pimples.



The kidneys in our body process about 200 litres of water daily, sifting our waste and transporting urine to the bladder. So kidneys need enough water to maintain this function. So high intake of water is justified.



One of the most common symptoms of tiredness is dehydration. So there it is!. The more water you have the better you are able to perform.



A terrific Friday night may end up with a severe hangover in the morning to negate the fun part of the night gone by.  Remedy?  Have lots of water and you are ready for another binge!



Muscle cramps, aching joints .These can get relief by having water as an antidote.



More intake of water lowers the incidence of bladder cancer. One reason could be that passing urine more often prevents the buildup of carcinogens. and this is only possible by having lots of water.



When people are lonely and seeking company they tend to have baths, which, in a way substitutes physical warmth with emotional warmth. Having a bath seems to ease loneliness.



It is a common problem, characterized by infrequent bowel movement and difficulty passing stool. Having more water eases the bowel movement and easy passing of stool.



Water is good for skin disorders and can cure diseases like    eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and wrinkles. Having enough water can stop the skin from ageing because when toxins are removed from the body through urine, which goes a long way for a healthy skin.


Above all, the sound of water, like a waterfall in hills, a fountain, gives a soothing feel to the psyche of a person, that’s nature for you.


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