Warrior diet plan for weight lose

Warrior diet plan for weight lose

As we know about the diet plan which usually people adopt to lose weight, the main motive of people is to lose weight by any way. But it is not right thing if you do not take proper diet or follows a particular pattern then it will harmful for you. But in this diet plan there is an eating cycle prevents you from lack of nutrients. For losing weight calorie burning is the main thing and for that first of all take balanced diet and also exercise daily. We know exercising help to lose weight because it burns extra calorie of your body. Always try to choose healthy food like meat, nuts, dairy products etc and avoid fast food this is all what is matters.


Steps for warrior diet:-
1. Hofmekler says that it is important to eat less at daytime and we can called this phase is undereating. In the undereating phase the body’s fat are maximize and energy burning is also maximize.

2. In this step it is recommended to eat large quantity diet at night. At night you can eat as you want like eat protein and fatty food. Eat as you want at night with high calorie.

3. While eating if you feel thirst in middle then it is the sign to stop eating. After feeling thirsty stop eating because it is recommended not to drink water while eating.

4. According to this diet plan it is also important to exercise every day. It is also an important phase of this diet plan. You can try the exercise like aerobics, stretching etc. Because if you want to lose weight the it is not enough to eat but it is also important to exercise three times a day just like eating.


Diet chart for warrior diet:-

• We start from breakfast if you are drinking tea everyday they replace it with green tea because it have more benefits then a simple tea. And also take an apple with it.

• After breakfast now start workout which help your body to lose weight.

• Now talking about the lunch take some strawberries or carrots with the yogurt. These all are rich source of protein, vitamins and mineral which are essential for your body.

• After mid day meal now again it’s time to exercise for minimum 20 minutes. In lunch you can also add fruits and boiled vegetables in your diet.

• Al last takes a glass of milk and a long walk at night.

Warrior diet is also approved by the experts. There is not a scientific reason behind this diet plan but enough for your body and helps to lose weight. But this diet is suitable for all ages people or pregnant ladies because of all day fasting. This will create some problem which is not good for their health. So take this diet completely if you can follow it completely otherwise it can harm your body.

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