Vitamin rich foods you should include in your Diet

Vitamin rich foods you should include in your Diet

Basic Description :

Vitamins are vital nutrient for our healthy going life. Vitamins acts as a catalyst to all other nutrients in our food. They help nutrients to carry on their respective functions properly.


Our daily diet must contain all nutrients to fulfil our requirement of energy and to be healthy. Vitamins are not produced by the human body so its essential to consume it either in the form of foods or pills. Vitamins are needed in small quantity by the body to make other nutrients work properly. These nutrients depending on our diet enhances both our beauty and health.


Detoxing is a great idea for your health and body. It may put a glow on your face and also help you to shed pounds. The purpose to follow a detox diet is not just to take load off organs which detoxify the body it is much more than that. Implementing the detox diet will also prevent you from the chronic diseases, slows premature ageing, emotional and mental clarity and also enhance to functions the immune system properly.


The benefits of these foods is not yet over. Moreover, it also eliminates toxins and feeds your body the best and the healthiest nutrients. There are many diets which are rich in vitamins, but these are some of the best vitamin rich foods.


Wild Salmon : Salmon is mainly rich in the Omega three fatty acids and which also helps to protect and reduce the triglyceride levels in the heart and the blood. The anti inflammatory healthy fats are commonly known as the reverse arterial stiffness, that is a side effect of the smoking.


Spinach : Spinach is a leafy kind of vegetable which is an essential detoxing food for your heart. It is rich in the vitamin A and C, these two antioxidants are those which fight for the free radicals in the body. Spinach contains a folate that helps and keeps the heart, cardiovascular system fit and fine. Moreover, it also contains magnesium which lowers the body blood pressure.


Lemon : Lemon is a citrus fruit which is filled with the vitamin c, that is essential and important to the health in many ways. In many other uses C is also needed to build glutathione that is a powerful type of antioxidant which detoxifies your liver. The lemons also builds and increases the level of the production of the bile that is essential and a very necessary for the digestion process. The other great benefit of lemon juice is that it controls the excess of flow of the bile which goes into our digestive system and prevents the ulcer formations.


Artichokes : The artichokes are yet another wonderful vegetable that is actually a flower bud that helps our liver to function at the best performance by the promoting of the production of the bile. These artichokes are able to secure the liver, which is owing to the presence of the silymarin, it is a phenol compound. Added to this the leaves of the artichokes are very rich in the anti cancer polyphenols which also contains the properties of the antiviral and the anti fungal.


Kale : It is mainly packed with the antioxidants which has anti inflammatory kinds of properties, that is why doctors recommend it highly for their patients which are suffering from the kidney related issues. The benefits of the kale is not yet finished, in addition to the flushing out kidney, it is also a nutrient dense food which provides some great and healthy benefits to your body.

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