Uses of turmeric for allergies

Uses of turmeric for allergies

Turmeric is a kind of herb that is use ayurvedic medicines. It is very beneficial for the health in every sense like it is good option for treating cold, cough and gives relief in pain. It is also good for the allergies and treats them so that it is best herb which is normally found at home. It is also used in cooking and also and there are various ways to get its benefits. Here we explain the benefits of turmeric that are best for your health.


Treating allergies with turmeric:-

Turmeric has various properties which are beneficial for the health and also very effective for the health. This herb is used to treat allergies.

• Turmeric act as a natural antihistamine which helps to reduces the histamines to prevent mass cell degranulation.

• Turmeric also contains leukotriene which is best for allergies. Leukotriene is a kind of allergy that is also known as asthma.

• Turmeric also has the compound curcumin which act as a decongestant to reducing the symptoms of allergies.

• Turmeric is best homemade remedy to treat allergies and acute and chronic allergies are one of them. It also has the decreases the symptoms of allergies. Normally you can uses it on regular basis and made variety of dishes it a healthy spice.

• It also has various kinds of properties like anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic. This herb is help to protect from various allergic reactions.

• If we are mixing other herb then it is more beneficial then to treating the herb. If we are mix this herb with liquorice root and Boswellia extract to turmeric then this will help to treating allergies.


Use of turmeric to treat allergies:-

There are few methods which help to treat allergies without too much effort.


When we are suffering from cold or sore throat then we always listen about the milk with turmeric and this is also help to get rid form allergies. You only want to take it on time.


• Turmeric powder
• Milk
• Honey
• Black pepper


1. Take a cup of milk and boil it.
2. Add turmeric, honey and pepper.
3. After mixing all the ingredients stir it well until all the ingredients are mix properly.
4. Now take this at night or morning for better results.


Method 2

This is a kind of paste which helps to treat the allergies. You can take this paste with smoothies, toast or other thing. It is must to take it by different ways like in the form of tonic. You can also store it in fridge for further.


• Ground turmeric
• Raw honey
• Raw apple cider vinegar
• Lemon zest
• Black pepper


1. First of all make powder of ground turmeric by blending it.
2. Add vinegar, honey, pepper, and lemon zest to make paste of it.

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