Uses of olive oil

Uses of olive oil

Nowadays Olive oil is not only the part of kitchen staple for making food only we can use it for beauty benefits too.

This is so good for skin, hair, lips and nails care because its full of vitamin E & A, anti-aging, hydrating & antioxidants that’s why olive oil gives us so much health benefits and beauty benefits too.
Many types of olive oil are available in market; you can buy it on your own needs. You should know one thing about olive oil and that is it’s so helpful for regenerate skin cells so now the question is how can we use it for beauty benefits???


  • Olive oil lotion-I can bet with you that if you use it once you never buy any other products for body as lotion … it’s become your favourite body lotions. After using you get smooth extremely soft skin and flawless skin.


  • Bath with Olive oil– friends do you know one thing lot’s of celebs love to taking bath with olive oil and it is too easy to prepare just put 5 to 10 drops of extra virgin olive oil on your bathtub and you are ready to feel real freshness actually we can call it “ Beauty bath”.


  • Makeup remover- you can use it as your make up remover and the best part is its remove make up very genteelly and gives nourishes to your skin at the same time. Just drop some olive oil in cotton ball and wipe up on your face to remove make up. Its never treat your skin harshly.


  • Massage- you can massage with it and trust me you will love it. Just take some drops of olive oil and softly massage on your face. Do it at least 9-10 min and you get baby soft skin…
    it makes your skin softer, glower, remove your scars and always keep amazing beauty to your skin.


  • Home made face mask-one of the best remedy for face is making face mask with olive oil.
    you just need very few ingredients, take one egg yolk, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and add some drops of olive oil and mix it apply it till it going to dry and remove with cold water(remember: never take hot water otherwise you will get oamlate on your face). We can use it for dry and oily both skin of type.


  • Uses for hair- for hair olive oil is just like boon. This is so good for hair growth and make your hair silky smooth. Just write down some simple remedy’s for hair . making a hair mask you need one tea spoon lemon juice, one egg yolk, 2 tea spoon mehnadi (for hold all the item)and 2 tea spoon extra virgin olive oil apply it on your hair and remove after 1 hr.
    your hair become silkily and shinier. Even you can apply it like that also. Just give some heat to oil and massage on scalps and live it for whole night. Wash in the morning and that you get more and more smooth, silkily, dandruff free hair.


  • Uses for lipes, nails and eye care- you can use it for all body parts care. If you want your nails goes strengthen just put some warm olive oil on it and massage after some day you will see the result.

yes you will care your lips with it also, before going to sleep apply it on your lips and you will get softer pinkish lips . use it as daily ration for perfect result.
for eye care gently massage around eyes area , it is very good nourishment for your eyes and its helpful for remove fine lines.

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