Use of baby oil to remove makeup

Use of baby oil to remove makeup

Whenever we apply makeup first thing com in mind that how to remove make up because after applying it the step is to removing it. After attending any function already we are feeling tired, so that we cannot follow the right way to removing the make up by which it damages your skin. Make up products can fill up the skin pores by which causes the pimples and skin allergy. But if apply makeup daily then it is more important to have knowledge of it. For removing make up normally we can use make up remover but sometimes they does not suits our skin for that we can use baby oil. It contains the less chemical and can be making according to small babies skin so you can it for your skin.


Benefits of baby oil

There are various make up remover are available in market according to different skin types. But the main thing is that sometimes they cause the skin irritation and itchiness which means if you have sensitive ski then baby oil is best for you.


Gentle for skin:- You know baby oil are specially created for the sensitive skin of babies, so it is quite gentle and best for the soft skin. Some people have more allergic skin so for that baby oil is the best way. It smoothly removes make up from skin and cleans the pores of the skin and make it soft.


Removes eye makeup:- as we know that eyes are very sensitive so while removing eye makeup we need to rub the eyes with the cotton, but it is not with the baby oil. It is little greasy and help to easily remove make from eyes.


Less expensive:- we spend so much money on makeup products and after that buy expensive make up remover from market, But what if they don’t sits your skin. Baby oil is easily available in market at low cost and also makes your skin soft.


Gives nourishment to skin:- baby oil contains vitamin E in it which is good for the skin. You can cleanse you skin with it and make you skin soft and beautiful.


How to use baby oil as a makeup remover?

1. First take some drops of oil into cotton ball and gently rub it on your face. You can also remove eye make up with cotton. If you apply heavy makeup then apply it two times with cotton ball.


2. Second way take some oil on hands and rub it and apply it on your face all over, after that take cotton ball dip it in water and remove make up with cotton. It will remove all your kin make up and you got soft and smooth skin which hardly gets with makeup remover product.


It is very easy way to remove make up immediately without too much effort and also make your skin soft and smooth. As the same way you can remove waterproof eye make up with the baby oil. While removing make up remember that remove make up completely because it will harm skin. Baby oil is suitable for all skin type and to get soft and smooth skin use baby oil.

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