Unexpected Reasons you’re Gassy

Unexpected Reasons you’re Gassy

Have you got irrigated with the severe gas problem? Having too much gas in our body can really be embarrassing. It can put you in a condition of discomfort and irritation. And sometime this we even can’t find out why we are suffering from too much gas despite of flowing proper daily routine. In spite of routine exercise, proper diet, intake of vitamins and nutrients if you are still gassy then you might explore this article to find out the correct reason of this issue. There are certain unexpected reason which although have various health benefits but can also give you this irritating and embarrassing gastric problem. So let’s have a look on such facts.


Unexpected Foods Causing Gas

Do you know about the foods that cause gas problem? Of course your answer will be carbonated beverages, sugary foods and fatty acids. But can you imagine beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, whole grain food, milk and some fruits as one of the reasons of your gastric? But yes these can also be the culprits for making you overly gassy. But it does not mean that you should not eat all these items but you can avoid gas by eating these foods slowly. Also staying hydrated is another solid remedy for preventing gas.



You may also feel gassy during the days when you have cough. Cough itself is not a cause of gas but actual reason is the gasp that you inhale before the cough. The artificial sweeteners in your cough syrup can also cause gas. For preventing gas in this way always check that your cough syrup consists of ingredients xylitol or sorbitol. You can try natural cough remedies as well for treating cough.


Mismatched Sleep Schedule

If your sleeping and waking up schedule is not almost same everyday then this might be a reason of gas. As disturbance in your daily sleep routine may activate a gland which slows down the movement of water through intestines. The bloating and extra water retention caused due to this gives rise to gas inside.



There are certain infections like yeast infections, urinary infections, gastrointestinal infections, kidney infections and more which give rise to gas problem. The antibiotics used to treat these infections an also give little bit more push to this discomfort. So it is better to consult with a doctor about the problem and ask for a solution to get yourself out of this gassy mess.


Swallowing Air

The various day to day activities including using straw to drink juice or anything, puffing cigarette, chewing gum wads and more can also be the reasons of your gassy condition. As all these activities make us to swallow air thus promoting buildup of digestive tract and gas. So these should be avoided as much as you can so that you can stay away of this really discomforting condition.


Excessive Stress

If you are too much stresses then beware of the gas problem. As hydrochloric acid is in caused by emotional stress in the digestive tract. This acid in turn causes buildup of gas in the intestines. Anxiety can also be one of the reasons of increased gas as anxiety promotes you to take small shallow breath and thus increasing the swallowing of air.


All these are really unexpected reason of gas. So whenever you feel gassy think about all these facts and you will get the appropriate answer and thus the solution as well. Stay hydrated well and make sure that your digestive system is appropriate. Take care of your daily routine and just follow and healthy diet plan. All these precautions will definitely keep you away from bring gassy.

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