Most of us during our adolescence suffering from so many skin related problems and acne is very common among them, most of us suffer from this problem named acne.

Before we go further in this content first this is important to know about acne.

Acne is very common problem of skin which is emerges because of over production of oil from the oil gland of skin. It’s important for skin sebum to lubricate the skin but sometime its gets trapped in block skin oil ducts which initially become a cause of pimples.


Various treatments to treat acne:

There are few treatments available to treat these problems which are as follows.

  • Chemical peeling
  • Ablative lasers
  • Fractional lasers
  • Dermabrasion

But my dear friends we must tell you most of these treatments are not such effective as you guys expecting too and also they also can lead you to several health risks. And most important fact which makes these treatments far from your reach is there highly costly. But this is not all what we have we are going to tell you about one of the highly effective as well as popular treatments which shows amazing results. We are recommending you for laser treatment, this is seriously effective for get rid of acne problems and so many other skin related problems.



To remove acne scars laser treatments has been proven the best and effective way which helps you in get rid of stubborn scars of acne completely.


TYPES OF LASER TREATMENTS – First skin analyst will assess the condition of scars and then after he will suggest you the kind of treatment which your skin required. A good thing in laser treatment is that it is not require any application of anaesthetic gel or cream, you just need only to lie relatedly  lie on to the bed and else everything is done by the light which being applied to the acne scars affected areas.

  • razil laser treatment –This is non-ablative kind of laser so it does not vaporise any tissue of your skin; It just heats the tissue columns with laser energy. Heat energy is responsible to stimulate the new production of collagen production in your skin.


  • Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment – This treatment is relatively new then frazil treatment and also this treatment provide better results than treatment we earlier discuss. In this treatment laser emits very short bursts of very high energy lasers which helps your skin in vaporising the scarred tissues step by step or layer by layer. The recovery from this treatment is depending upon the intensity of the treatment ranges from at least three to ten to fifteen days.


  • FRACTIONAL LASER- It is considered as a best treatment to get rid of acne scars. In this type of laser treatment only the infected part of skin is treated rest remain spared .In this treatment you can get faster results because it stimulates faster healing of your skin tissues and also in production of collagen.


  • PIXILATION TREATMENT– This technologies called Pixel is latest as well as advance for treating acne scars from your skin. In this treatment they use small pin –sized laser pointswhich is applied on the area of skin which is affected from acne scars and rest part of your skin is remain untouched. Depth and the intensity of this treatment can easily control according to the condition of your scars.


So friends these are really some effective treatments which helps you in getting rid from these acne scars and helps you in getting fresh and glowing skin.

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