Types of Enzymes and Their Benefits

Types of Enzymes and Their Benefits

Enzymes are generally long chains of amino acids, that help a lot to perform a lot of functions. Mainly if classified based on structure, the enzymes are classified in mainly 3 categories –Enzymes for metabolism, Enzymes for digestion, as well as Food Enzymes.

Enzymes for metabolism:

    Most of these enzymes are there inside the cells of the body. These particular enzymes help to perform several chemical reactions within the cells themselves. These assist a major process to be sub divided into a large number of small processes. Such smaller and smaller processes help to release energy so asto perform various functions of different organs.


  1. Enzymes for digestion: These enzymes perform their work mainly on the foods we take in. These enzymes help to extract out the nutrients from the foods and hence help in the absorption of food so as to perform different typical functions of the body. These enzymes have different sources like the salivary glands present inside the mouth, the lining of the stomach itself, as well as the intestines.To help these enzymes perform their functions properly, we really need to chew the food properly that we take in daily.


  1. Food Enzymes: These enzymes are sourced from several organs of the human body. These enzymes can even be taken from the outside. These enzymes are also naturally found in fruits, meat as well as vegetables.These enzymes have a great deal of functions to perform within the human body and hence are extremely useful to our body.


Thus, we can see that in order that our body maintain a good and sound health and functions properly, several enzymes are extremely essential for our body. These not only help us to maintain excellent health but also help us a great deal in other ways too.

Let us get to know the major types of enzymes in our body. These are as follows:


  1. Proteases: This is one category of enzyme, the function of which is to carry out the process of proteolysis. This means it helps in the catabolic process that acts on the protein molecules, and hydrolyses the peptide bonds in the protein molecules and breaks them down into simpler molecules.


  1. Cellulase: This is another category of enzymes, the function of which is to break down the cellulose molecules.These enzymes help too breakdown cellulose as well as similar types of polysaccharides the cellulose enzyme is mainly produced by certain microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi as well as protozoans.


  1. Pectinase: This particular enzyme is used to breakdown pectin, that is typically found in the plant cells. Pectin is that particular substance that is found chiefly in the plants.


  1. Phytase:This enzyme helps to breakdown phytic acid. Phytic acid is a form of phosphorus that is insoluble.


  1. Lipase: Well, this particular enzyme is used to breakdown or performs catabolic activity on the fat molecules or the lipid molecules. Lipase is a type of enzyme that is produced by the pancreas.


  1. Bile: Bile is the enzyme that is produced in the liver. Bile helps to increase the process of absorption of fats in the body, as well as vitamins that are mainly fat soluble, such as Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K. Bile also helps with another function that is, it acts to excrete the bilirubin out of the human body.


  1. Alpha galactosidase: This particular enzyme helps to hydrolyze glycoproteins as well as glycolipids.


Thus, you have seen these are the different types as well as categories of enzymes.  These help a lot and have a great contribution to the body by performing several types of functions, starting from digestion to keeping the metabolism under perfect control. However, if enzymes are taken from outside, always do such only after taking advice from doctors.

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