Top Secret Backstage Makeup Tips

Top Secret Backstage Makeup Tips

On seeing beautiful models and celebrities walking on the stage or ramp, you must be surprised of their looks and makeup. You must be thinking like “what these women do with their makeup to have such pretty appearance.” Well, this is all about your makeup products and their application. When these ladies go for makeup their artists give much attention to the makeup that will suit on them according to their facial structure, skin tone and texture. We can easily implement all such makeup tricks in our day to day life by keeping certain things in mind. Here we are going to share top secrets of backstage makeup tips that you can use to have flawless makeup easily.


Foundation Secret

Backstage makeup artists always tend to give natural looking appearance to the models in the fashion shows. They give youthful looks to them using foundations of exactly skin tone shades. For best effects apply foundation patches on the center of your face and then blend these patches perfectly all over your face to have a natural looking and youthful looks. For more natural looks it is advised to use the concealer with pink undertones.


Blush Color

Use a blush of lighter shade. If you have a cream blush with bright shades then you can mix the darker or brighter shade with lighter and pale hues of blushes. This new formed lighter shade will give you a fresh and natural looking appearance. This is the secret blush trick most often used by backstage artists. So you can apply this trick in your day to day makeup.


Eyeliner Secret

Most often models in the fashion shows possess natural and youthful looks rather than bold and hard appearances. So in order to have soft and natural looks, makeup artists use fray or brown eyeliners instead of black eyeliner. Such eyeliner shades eliminate overdramatic looks that is much more suitable in daylight.



For following backstage makeup tricks it is advised to use two shades of mascara on your eyelashes to give dreamy and lovely looks to your eyes. You can apply a brown mascara shade to the base of eyelashes and black shade on the tip of your eyelashes.


Fuller Lips Secrets

Backstage artists always tend to give fuller and plump looks to lips of the models, as fuller lips compliments overall makeup perfectly. For having a fuller lips you need to outline your lips from just outside of your natural lip line. In this manner your lips area will get broadened. When you will apply a glossy and creamy lipstick over this broadened area your lips will look fuller and plump.


Foundation On Lips

Blend foundation or concealer over your lips before applying lipstick on them. Most importantly foundation will help you to smoothen your lips by setting up rough skin of your lips and filling cracks and secondly it will also help to neutralize natural color of your lips thus giving a perfect finish. So consider applying foundation on your lips for best lipstick effects.


Lipstick Shade

Dark lip colors are most commonly used by backstage makeup artists. Dark lipsticks look much more, pretty, modern and youthful than light lipsticks. Rich red lipstick shade is always trendy in fashion shows and red carpet events. Red lipsticks make you look vibrant, youthful and bold. It also gives a reflection of confidence and moreover it suits on all skin tones. Also going for nude shades rather than glittery or shimmery shades in much better.


Keep all these backstage makeup secrets in mind and use these tricks in day to day life. You will surely look flawless and more youthful with the makeup done in such way.

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