Top Mehndi Designs which everyone should try – Mehandi Design

Top Mehndi Designs which everyone should try – Mehandi Design

We all love heena and the aroma of that. We use different type of mehndi design to make over hand and feet beautiful with heena. It’s a old tradition of Indian culture to color your hands and feet with mehendi at every occasion.

Heena or mehendi two different name of one think. In India no function can follow without the mehndi ceremony rather its Diwali, weeding function or many more. people always love to apply mehendi on hands and make hands more beautiful and stylish. Its looks so beautiful and attractive  with his different dark color and aroma.people fall in love with mehndi due to that special feature.

It’s too easy and simple to make so many different types of mehndi designs. For that people usually make heena or mehndi paste which is easily prepare at home or today it’s also available in market and it’s too easy to use these market available mehendi cone from market. It make so easy to make mehndi design at home.

We can draw so many different type of mehndi design with this and there are so many people who love to make mehandi at home for that the use mehndi tree leaves and crush them and make a smooth paste. At ancient time people apply this paste with making design with figures and with small stick. Today people make plastic mehandi design cone at home and then apply mehndi at home with using this instant cone.


There are a big history of mehndi from the time of kings and queen and all the ancient people history you can see the popularity of mehndi.


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Some mehndi design:

 In India mehndi is most lovable product and people love to apply this on different ways and purpose and with different designs there are some popular mehndi design for you.


  • Bridal mehndi–in India bride is only complete when she applies mehandi on her hands at over wedding day. And mehndi can complete the look of bride after Applying bridal mehendi design and there is also a ceremony for bride mehandi. In such type of design we make heavy design pattern on all over the hands and with full of cut, curves flowers pattern. It’s a basic mehendi design for bride.



  • Simple bail mehndi design—it’s also one of best way to apply mehndi design at home. when people apply this mehandi design the make simple bail and simple pattern on hand and make over hand attractive and beautiful with this. It’s so easy to make such type of mehndi design  and we can easily make this type of mehndi design at regular basic with using mehendi cone.



  • Arabic style mehndi design–it’s one of popular mehendi design today. it’s too easy to apply and too simple to maintain. Arabic mehandi design is simple and the design pattern we use in this is Arab style. this pattern of mendhi is  come into India with visitors and people start liking such type of Arabic mehandi design and start follow and apply this on hands. in these type of designs we simple make flowers pattern and curves and make design more attractive.



  • Bombay style mehndi design— it’s a modern transformation of mehandi design. As we know mehndi is everyone’s favorite  and also famous among people. people  love to apply different mehndi designs on hands. so to make this more stylish and  modern style this mehndi design is invented which is called Bombay style mehendi. In this style the make stylish flower pattern and attractive modern style.




  • Simple round shape rangoli design mehndi–it’s also popular as the name of “hath fool”. It’s one of simple and attractive design which people mostly apply and its one of trendy design which people make so easily with using mehndi cone.



  • Foot print mehndi designs–mehndi is also a part of over tradition and that’s why people love to apply this at the wedding time. its mostly apply on hands and foot and it will make foots more attractive and stylish and beautiful also there are so many different type of mehandi designs are popular for foot mehndi.



  • Black mehandi design with glitter— its one of popular mehndi design for youth and people love to apply this. it’s quick and easy and also attractive. This type of mehndi will popular for quick applying and there glittery effect and people will love to apply this  and it’s also a modern and traditional combination of mehndi design.




  • Mehndi tattoo design— mehandi is so trendy and stylish think .we can apply this in different ways and it looks so stylish and beautiful. Today People use to apply this in different ways. making mehndi design tattoo on different body parts is also one of famous and popular trade today and people love to apply this so its looks so stylish and painless also.




  • Red and black color mehndi design–mehndi is one of popular part to increase your beauty and it’s also looks modern and trendy or stylish. so to make your looks like that people love to apply color mehndi design which is so popular today. In such types of design the use to apply red and black color mehndi that is a combination of  dye or some other color and it will give a stylish colorful look to people.




  • Peacock style mehndi–it’s one of best style mehndi of Rajasthan and people love to apply peacock style on their hands  and people also like such type of designs which looks trendy and stylish both at same time.its a Rajasthani pattern of mehndi which is so popular and looks extremely beautiful when we apply this mehndi design on hands.



So there are so many mehandi designs are in trade today. and define the culture of  Indian  and people love to apply these  design and the also  make different type of mehndi designs on there hands and make there look beautiful and pretty. So mehndi is culture of India and people love to apply this on hands. And that’s why so many different type of mehandi designs are so popular among people which is liked by people in not only India but in other counters also  people  love to apply mehndi designs on hands and as an tattoo.


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