Top Medicines to Control Dandruff

Top Medicines to Control Dandruff

It happens most of the time that you would be craving to wear your black outfit but at some point you restrict yourself from doing so. Why??? The obvious reason might be dandruff. No one would like to see the white flakes on your apparel giving a dirty look. It is embarrassing though.

Moreover the dandruff causes itchiness and it is quite disgusting to get scratches on the scalp all the time. Hence to minimise the problem it is required to control the dandruff. Top medicines for dandruff care are highlighted here.


Matrix biolage scalp therapy:

Matrix brings the biolage scalp therapy comprising of useful components such as the pyrithione zinc. It is a shampoo covering the bio cushion complex which helps to remove dandruff from the hair roots.

Apart from that, it makes the hair lively by working on each of the strands. The product is chemically good and has been efficiently used by the individuals.



Oily scalp usually gives rise to fungal and microbial infections. Nizoral treats well on the oily scalp. How??? Well, the medicine contains ketoconasol which is an anti fungal agent. This agent does not allow the fungus to grow and hence stops the dandruff to breed on.

It is referred as one of the best medicines for controlling and curing dandruff. Available at a reasonable price, it makes your day happy by refraining you from embarrassment.


Cipla 8X:

When dandruff rises to an extreme level then it is mandatory to control it by taking proper medication. Dandruff can be caused on too oily or dry scalp. Cipla brings a medicated shampoo which cures dandruff instantly on regular use.

The composition mentions aloe vera, cicloprix and pyrithione zinc content. These components are extremely helpful for the scalp and they are equally effective on both dry and oily scalp.


Avon natural tea tree and thyme:

The scalp needs to be relaxed in order to eradicate the dandruff issue. Tea tree along with thyme provide enough cooling effect to the scalp. Avon brings forward the composition to cleanse the scalp and destroy the source of dandruff and other infections.

Components like SLS and silicones act as a catalyst adding to the extra care of the scalp. These help in reducing the itchiness and flakiness caused due to dandruff irritability.


VLCC rosemary:

VLCC rosemary is an anti dandruff shampoo which acts as a medicine for controlling dandruff. Suitable for both oily and dry scalp, the anti dote is quite natural in composition. The condition of scalp gets improved on the touch of the components like tea tree, rosemary, margosa and hibiscus.

It is available at a reasonable price and takes few days to perk up the scalp. But you have to be regular in the use of the product.


Clear nourishing scalp care:

Nourishing the scalp is intensely required for the dandruff not to occur. If the scalp is regularly taken care of, then there is no question of growth of dandruff. Hence specific scalp care medicines must be used.

The Clear Nourishing is one of the best. It contains a vital element known as the Nutrium 10. This is tad helpful in alleviating the dandruff issue.


L’Oreal elvive:

Dandruff can be well avoided if the scalp is free from flakes and dead skin cells. So the appearance of such elements must be ceased. This can be easily done by the L’Oreal elvive.

This product is a good medicine for the cure of dandruff. The use of the same does not allow the scalp to get dried up which usually roughens the hair. It also prevents the signs of reappearance of the dry flakes.

The above mentioned products are listed under the top medicines for cure of dandruff. You can choose any of the product and assure yourself a dandruff free scalp and healthy hair.

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