Top Chapstick Lip balms

Top Chapstick Lip balms

Lip balms are inevitable lip product which is very necessary to keep your lips hydrated whenever necessary. These lip balms not only keeps your lips hydrated but also locks the moisture intact on your lips for several hours. Thus, it is an important step to apply lip balms whenever you start doing any kind of lip makeup such as luscious ombre Lip makeup, Nude Lip makeup and other flawless lip makeup.

But what are called as Chapstick Lip balms? Have you ever come across these famous brands of lip balms?

The answer is here!! Generally, winter season make your skin and lips to dry sooner. Cold and winter weather will damage your outer areas of lips and thus cause cracking on your lips. For some, this situation can be even worse with bleeding on the cracked lips.

Chapstick Lip balms are one of the excellent lip balm manufacturers which treat any kind of lip dryness, lip soreness and help in healing damaged lips.

Chapstick is product of Pfizer consumer healthcare and it has become a world famous brand used by several different countries of the world. Chapstick has become a very famous lip balm product in recent years where all the lip balm brands are called by this name “Chapstick”.

Chapstick is the only lip balm product which has released several different kinds of lip balms in the beauty market. Just check out few of its best collections that may amaze you.

So, let us check few of the top most Chapstick lip balms.


  1. Classic Chapstick:

This is the first and foremost lip balm product introduced by the chapstick company. This is one of the best classic and simple lip balms that hydrate your lips for longer hours. This is available in different flavors such as classic cherry, classic spearmint and classic strawberry.


  1. Total Hydration Chap stick:

This is one of the advanced Chapstick products which have 3 in 1 formula that moisturizes, renews and transforms. Its moisturizing effect keeps moisture on your lips for more than 8 hours if once applied. The other benefits are renewal of your lips with the help of botanical oils which are rich in omega acids and transformation of your lips from damaged to healthy look.


  1. Dual-ended Hydration lock:

This is a clinically proven lip balm from chapstick for healthy and smooth lips. It is called as dual ended lip balm because it moisturizes your lips both day and night. At day time, it protects your lips from harmful sun rays with the help of SPF ingredients and at night time it keeps you lips so smooth with the help of its natural butter extract and tamanu oil.


  1. Sun defense:

Sun defense from chapstick is an excellent lip balm that is specially created to protect your lips from harmful sun rays with the help of SPF 25. This lip balm contains aloe vera extract and vitamin E ingredients that also helps in keeping your lips fresh, smooth and soft.


  1. Mixstix:

This is a great lip balm product from chapstick that may attract more young girls due to its double flavors in single lip balm. It has lemon flavor on one side and raspberry flavor on the other side. You can either use these flavors individually or mix it together to form lemon berry sorbet. Once applied, this keeps up the moisture on your lips for more than 8 hours with the help of 11 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients.


  1. Medicated:

More than a beauty product, this lip balm can be used to heal damaged lips and relieve pain on your lips. It acts as an excellent moisturizing lip balm which has key ingredients such as camphor, phenol and cooling menthol which gives immediately relief when applied to cracked and damaged lips.


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