Top Bodyshop Lipsticks Available In India

Top Bodyshop Lipsticks Available In India

The Body Shop is one of the world known brand that offers a huge line of cosmetic products all around the globe. If you are only limited to using creams, lotions and moisturizers of this brand then you should read this article to explore about the wonderful lipstick range offered by The Body Shop in Indian market. These lipsticks are really awesome and are amongst top rated that give glowing and shimmering colors to your lips for long hours. So here is the list of best lipsticks introduced by The Body Shop.


The Body Shop – Color Crush Lipstick (Red Siren)

Get a stunning pop of attractive red color with this beautiful luscious lipstick offered by The Body Shop. This is one of the bestselling product The Body Shop. It also gives necessary moisture to your lips along with benign rose fragrance. So get into the style with its high impact color, rich moisture and glow.


The Body Shop – Color Crush Lipstick (Caramel)

This caramel color crush lipstick by The Body Shop has a light touch of pink hue. It is best to suits Indian skin beauties. This is also perfect for formal use like for office or day to day outings. Go for this lipstick if you are a lover of simple and benign lipstick shades.


The Body Shop – Color Crush Lipstick (Sweet Coral)

The Body Shop has introduced a wonderful sweet coral color crush lipstick that perfectly glides over your lips making them smooth and soft. The creamy formula present in this lipstick helps to nourish lips and eliminate fine lines. This is one of the perfect colors that will suit any of the Indian skin tone.


The Body Shop – Colourglide #55 Pure Blush Lipstick

Pink is the color loved by most of the women. The Body Shop’s colorglide pure blush lipstick can be a perfect choice for the pink loves. It gives lovely flattering shade to your lips making your lips look glowing and smooth. It will suit any of your outfits.


The Body Shop – Colourglide #11 Plum Lipstick

This wonderful lip color by The Body Shop gives a mauve rosy hue to your lips. This is one of the popular products of The Body Shop liked by most of the lovely ladies. It helps your lips look attractive and healthy by hiding fine lines, creases and dullness. So go for this wonderful product if you are looking for similar shades.


The Body Shop – Delipscious Sheer Lipstick # 03 Watermelon

This lipstick gives your lips a wonderful watermelon like shade. The fruity and silky formula in this lipsticks helps your lips look glowing. It also helps to moisturize your lips giving a healthy and smooth finish. Try this lovely watermelon lipstick and forget about your pigmented lips as it will handle them effectively.


The Body Shop – Delipscious Sheer Lipstick #9 Pomegranate

This lovely lipstick from The Body Shop contain ingredients like blueberries and seed oil that are really healthy for your lips health. Along with giving maroon pomegranate shade to your lips this sooths your lips and make them look beautiful.


The Body Shop – Colourglide # 03 Pink Flash Lipstick

This lipstick gives your lips an appealing shade with dewy glow. The silky formula added to this lipstick is most wonderful that gives your lips silky and smooth finish. You will find your lips looking more healthy and soft after applying this lipstick.


We hope you would love these lipstick of The Body Shop. Don’t forget to share your valuable views through comments. Keep reading and have more amazing tips for continued beauty and health.

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