Top  Anti Dandruff Lotion’s

Top Anti Dandruff Lotion’s

The dandruff becoming quite a common issue, the growing white flakes have become a concern for one and all. Clean scalp leads to dandruff free hair. But it is not always possible to keep the scalp clean all the time. Therefore anti dandruff lotions are now available in the commercial sector to bring you instant relief from the flaky skin.

Well, you should not proceed without looking through. So let us explore the top anti dandruff lotions which can be used on scalp to remove the dandruff.



Avalon brings you a keracare dry and itchy scalp anti-dandruff lotion which is approved and accepted clinically by the FDA. It takes care of the scalp by fighting dandruff along with itching and other scalp infections. It encloses a special formula which makes it safe and sound to use regularly with your cleanser and conditioner.



The inner effect regulate anti dandruff lotion by Gold well is no matter the best when it comes to the treatment of dandruff from the inner scalp. Dandruff can be caused if the natural metabolism of the scalp is disturbed. This lotion helps to regulate the metabolism hence cleansing the scalp from the inner side. One thing you have to be careful with the lotion is that you have to use it in the right amount to avoid any side effects. Apply on scalp by taking the correct amount and leave it overnight. Wash off the lotion at morning using warm water. Do not use it for more than once in a day.


Ducray squanorm:

This lotion from Ducray squanorm treats most of the conditions of the scalp which include dandruff also. What helps it to treat dandruff??? Well, the lotion comprises of an active ingredient called Keluamid which is quite effective in counter acting itchiness, redness, inflammation due to fungal infection, etc. It also contains zinc sulphate which actively participates in cleansing of the scalp, thus giving relief from itchiness.



Individuals with dandruff issue can have soft and healthy hair when Sunsilk is around. Sunsilk brings a scalp lotion which is rich in citrus complexes that provide anti dandruff solutions. The dandruff would not reappear if the scalp remains hydrated for long hours. Sunsilk provides the purpose of keeping the moisture balance of the scalp intact. The lotion results in nourished scalp where the hair roots are also strengthened.



The anti dandruff lotion from VLCC contains the extracts of tea tree oil, gooseberry, rosemary and hibiscus flowers and leaves. Thus it is entirely herbal adding to the natural removal of the dandruff. It controls the extra secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands so that the issues related to it are alleviated. If there is no dandruff then there is no hair fall too. Hence charming and strong hair is obtained with this quality lotion.



Fungal infection is mostly the cause of dandruff. If this infection is riddled then the formation of dandruff lessens. The ketoconasol component present in the lotion from Nizoral is known to fight the infection diligently to keep the dandruff issue at bay. It is available in a very reasonable price enhancing the positive results in the first wash only.


Sulphur 8:

Heavy dandruff can be easily mitigated by using the light and effectual anti dandruff lotion from Sulfur 8. It is a mixture of several oils and extracts of aloe vera. Moreover it has vitamin E which can prevent the flaky skin to appear and thus fades away the itchiness. The pyrithione zinc contained in the lotion adds to the softness of the scalp hence making the hair grow spontaneously. Even the brittle locks are opened which aids to the less hair fall.

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