Top 10 Scrubs For Removing Blackheads

Top 10 Scrubs For Removing Blackheads

Blackheads are very common problem and it is something nobody wants to deal with every day. Black heads are little black spot that are very neglitable seem it seem only when you went out in the sun light or in only bright light. Getting rid from black heads is not very easy but by applying some home remedies which are seriously helps you for getting rid from these black heads and provides you a healthy and clear skin.

Ten Home scrubs help you in removing black heads.


  1. Baking soda scrub:Baking soda scrub is something which is very simple to make with so little efforts. You just have to take warm water and baking soda and then mix both products and make a thick paste and then applying this paste generously all over the place you have black heads like chin, nose, for head and then until the paste get dry and then wash gently with warm water. for better result use this paste twice in a week.


  1. Oatmeal scrub : In this scrub paste just take some oatmeal and mix it either curd or milk and then applying this paste on your face and wait until paste get dry it helps getting more black heads and then scrub the paste using water it really helps you to get cleaner and clear skin.


  1. Orange scrub: Orange is an rich sour of vitamin C. Which helps your skin not only in Glowing but it also helps you with getting rid from black heads. You just need a dried Orange and make it a grainy paste and put that paste in to refrigerator and then make a paste mixing little water and oil like tea tree , then apply the paste on the face. Tea tree helps in closing the pores and orange helps in taking out the black heads.


  1. Lemon And Sugar: Lemon and sugar scrub is scrub in which some graing brown sugar mixed with well with lemon juice then apply the paste on your face. Sugar helps in opening the pores which helps in taking out those black heads & on other hand Lemon helps maintain the vileness’ and other open pore issues.


  1. Rice Flour scrub:Rice Flour scrub is consider as a effective home remedy in which Rice Flour helps in liking out the stubborn black heads. Mix some rice flour with milk and start scrubbing on your face rice flour not only helps in taking out of black heads it also helps you in getting rid from dead skin.


  1. Almond scrub: Almond scrub is most effective for those people heaving dry skin because almond work as a natural moisturizer which granularly helps you in getting rid from those black heads. mix some almond with lemon juice or raw milk and make a paste, Apply this paste on your paste on your face and wait for getting this paste dry then scrub gently it helps you in taking out of black heads.


  1. Apricots Scrub: Soak apricot which help it become moist and put that jar in refrigerator, just make it sure that apricot are grainly otherwise will not provide much benefits and then scrub it very gently and it take out the black heads.


  1. Sea Salt: Sea salt is helpful ingredient to take off black heads and if you add some honey in sea water than it not make your skin dry.


  1. Green tea: Mix some dry green tea leaves with rose water & make a paste and apply this paste on your face till it get dry and then scrub it with warm water for best result use twice in a week.


  1. Cinnamon and rose petals:Mix some rose petals with cinnamon powder and some Multani mitti and apply this face mask on your face and let it dry. Then with Some warm water scrub your face gently it really helps you in getting rid of black heads.



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