Top 10 Oriflame Lipsticks Available In India

Top 10 Oriflame Lipsticks Available In India

Do you often feel confused about which brand lipstick to opt? Well, this is a common problem that most of the ladies have to go through. Because there are a large number of brands available in Indian market offering a huge line of lovely lipsticks. One of those brands is Oriflame. You definitely would have heard about this. Today, in this article we are providing you a list of best Oriflame lipsticks that will make your lips look adorable and lovely. So here is the list for top Oriflame lipstick that you should try for your lips.


Best Lipsticks from Oriflame–


Oriflame – Trendy Berry Power Shine Lipstick

Being one of the fastest and bestselling lipstick from Oriflame gives wonderful shiny berry shade to your lips. You can use it either along as a lip balm or as satin. The glitters in this lipstick is buildable according to the needed opacity.


Oriflame – Catwalk Red Triple Core Lipstick

Try this lovely peachy dark pink lipstick offered by Oriflame. It is enriched with perfect moisturizing formula therefore along with giving wonderful color to your lips this deliver proper moisture and nourishment to these, thus making them look smooth and soft.


Oriflame – Cherry Garden Soft Coral Lipstick

Cherry Garden lipstick by Oriflame is another beautiful lipstick of Oriflame that is capable enough to give your lips an attractive red shade. This lipstick shade looks stunning in ladies having fair skin complexion. However can suit anybody at any occasion. So let your lips glide smoothly with this soft coral cherry garden lipstick.


Oriflame – Hollywood Red Demi Moore Lipstick

For lovely ladies hunting bold red colored lipsticks, this Hollywood red lipstick by Oriflame is perfect. This will help you silky, subtle and smooth red shade. So keep up your bold makeup with this wonderful red lipstick.


Oriflame – Antique Rose Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick

Use this subtle and light peach pink Oriflame lipstick. This will look wonderful in every skin tone as it will make your lips look smooth and glowing with its nourishing and silky formula. It can last for 2-3 hours easily.


Oriflame – Pink Lady Wonder Color Lipstick

If you are fond of pink lipstick then this pink lipstick offered by Oriflame is perfect for you. It gives wonderful sheer effect that can last for around 2 hours. After some time of its application it gives a simple lip balm like look to your lips. But overall this is a wonderful lipstick for lovely women.


Oriflame – Vintage Nude Go Lipstick

This is another wonderful product by Oriflame that gives lovely peach shade to your lips. This lipstick is perfect to use for office, routine day out or similar like these. This lipstick wonderfully glides over your lips making them look more beautiful and natural as well. Simple coat of this lipstick will give very light color, almost like your natural lip color. Use this product for a natural looking smooth lips.


Oriflame – Illuma Flair Studio Artist Lipstick

This Oriflame lipstick is popular among women. It gives beautiful bright pink shade to your lips that glides wonderfully and lasts for long hours. Go for this lipstick for a subtle and benign shade.


Oriflame – Red Ovation Power Shine Lipstick

This is another red lipstick by Oriflame. It comes under Oriflame shining lipstick line that give wonderful glittery effect to your lips. Its shimmering formula stays on your lips for 2-3 hours making your lips smooth and beautiful.


Use these lipsticks by Oriflame and share your views with us about your experience. Hope this guide will help your find the perfect lipstick to beautify your lips.

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