Top 10 Lipstick Tips

Top 10 Lipstick Tips

Applying lipstick is not as easy as it seems. If one really want to enjoy attractive and eye catching pout using lipstick then one should know the art of applying lipstick perfectly. Applying lipstick is not just limited to rubbing the stick over your lips but a perfect lipstick application involves some steps to be followed. This is not as difficult as it feels to be with such words, but yes, you need to know the art of applying lipstick to get a perfectly glowing pout. Here we are sharing top 10 tips that you should follow to apply your favorite lipstick perfectly.


Top 10 Tips For Applying Lipstick


  1. Exfoliate Lips

The first step that you should ensure before applying lipstick is exfoliation. Exfoliation of lips helps to remove dead skin cells that give creasy looks to your lips. Lip exfoliation is very much beneficial for lips if done on regular basis. You can use any of the lip scrubs available in market or make your scrub at home by mixing sugar with honey. Rub the mixture on your lips gently so that dead skin cells may get removed.


  1. Moisturizing Lips

After exfoliation make sure to moisturize your lips properly. Don’t keep your lips dry as moisture is crucial for healthy lips. Use a good quality lip balm to deliver moisture to your lips. Lip balm will also soften your lip texture making those smooth.


  1. Foundation

Apply a little amount of foundation to your lips. Foundation will help to fill cracks and fine lines of your lips making them look smooth. Blend the foundation over your lips gently so that it can get disappeared. Foundation will help your lipstick to last for long hours.


  1. Concealer

Concealer is a good option to apply on your lips before lipstick if you have pigmented lips. Concealer will help to fill your lips and make them little bit fuller and smoother. It will also make your lipstick last for long just like the foundation.


  1. Lip Lining

Use a well sharpened lip liner to line your lips properly. Use a little darker shade of lip liner as compared to your lipstick as this will give your lipstick a perfect finish. Lip liner is also necessary as it helps to prevent your lipstick or lip gloss from smudging.


  1. Use Lipstick Brush

Before you start applying lipstick it is recommended to make use of a lipstick applicator brush for a perfect finish. As brush give better control while application.


  1. Lipstick

Apply your favorite lipstick to your lips using applicator brush. Apply the lipstick along the line of your lips length. Keep your lipstick within your lip lines. Once you have applied the lipstick press the lips with one another so that your lips can have same tone throughout.


  1. Lip Gloss

If you are using matte lipstick then your lips may get dry. So if you want to add some glow to your matte lipstick while also eliminating dryness then you can apply a clear lip gloss over your lipstick. Lip gloss will intensify your lipstick shade and give incredible shine and glow.


  1. Blotting

Finally don’t forget to blot your lipstick using tissue. This will help to soak extra lipstick from your lips and will let your lipstick last for long.


  1. Check Expiry Date

Above all these steps make sure to check expiry date of the products you are using for your lips. As sometimes expired products can cause uneven irritation to our lips. So always ensure to check out the expiry date.


So these are top 10 steps for a having a perfectly applied lipstick. Remember these point and have a beautiful pout easily.

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