Top 10 Beauty Tips For Dry Lips

Top 10 Beauty Tips For Dry Lips

Lips symbolize the mood of a person. It suggests whether you are happy, sad or acting naughty. Lips are the natural figure of beauty on the face of an individual. Lips should be taken care as that of the face. A simple change in the lips can bring a big notice on your face. Hence the delicacy of the lips must be maintained.

Usually the problem with lips starts when they become dry. So to lessen such a condition some beauty tips are to be followed which are listed here.


Use the right lip balm:

The lip balm is the most efficient protection for dry lips. Have a habit of using a lip balm regularly and that to, the right lip balm. Not every lip balm can suit your lips. Some lip balms can have an adverse effect on the lips making them drier. Therefore it is essential to get the right lip balm which is in complement to your lips.

Generally lip balms consisting of natural oil and peppermint are preferable. Such balms keep your lips hydrated for a longer period moisturizing your lips.


Avoid licking and biting your lips:

When lips get dried up, it is a general tendency with most of the people to lick the lips. And again it gets dried up. Hence like a vicious circle, it goes round and round. Licking and biting does not help improve your lips rather it makes the condition worse.

So stop licking and biting your lips when it gets dried to maintain the evenness of the layers. Otherwise you may end up bleeding. You can put another round of lip balm if the lips get enough dried.


Do not breathe via mouth:

Mouth breathing leaves the lips even drier. Like licking, this also makes the lips dry faster. Breathe in normally through the nose and avoid breathing through mouth.


Take adequate multi vitamins:

The vitamins and minerals content must be balanced in your body. It is a common fact that deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body can affect the lips too. Hence have plenty of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins.

If your body needs more supplement then you can take external help with the doctor’s advice. But be sure to keep your body balanced with the content.


Use honey and Vaseline:

If dryness persists even after following the above tips then you should be more serious on the issue. You must try out some homemade activities to help out yourself. As we know honey can turn over any issue, so let us try out honey first. With its anti bacterial characteristics it can cut down any concern and heal it faster.

Whenever you are home, take a good amount of honey and apply it on the entire layer of the lips. After that apply a coat of petroleum jelly such as the Vaseline and leave it untouched for about fifteen minutes. Your lips will generously absorb the honey providing the adequate softness and hydration to the same. Take a damp cloth and remove the mixed components from the lips.


Try out cucumber:

Cucumber is your best pal when it comes to the need of dry lips. Dryness often brings dark patches on the lips. With the treatment of cucumber, this can be avoided. Once the dark patches are reduced, the lips become lightened and healthy.

Cut a cucumber slice. The slice must be convenient in rubbing the lips in a gentle manner. Allow it to remain on the lips for about fifteen minutes. And then wash it with water. The lips will become soft and smooth.


There are several other tips out of which these are the simple ones. Try out the above and make your smile more radiant and elegant.

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